Finks's Mother in Law Nails Clegg

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by trelawney126, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. The womans an absolute bigot, following that affair (not sexual, even Gordan had some taste) she stated that she wouldn't have anything to do with NuLiebour. It was then that the Labour MP cultivated this loose cannons friendship, and even set up the "chance" encounter with Clegg. BBC dropped the story when they realised it was staged. She fails to understand that the cuts were necessary due to Labours total mismanagement of this countries finances.
    I agree that Clegg doesn't convince anyone, neither does Cameron, nor Ed Balls.
    In short Finks most politicians aren't capable of telling a truth, and all will be "economical with the truth".
    What we need to run this country is a selection taken from RR. members.
  2. Trelawney, If you could do that and you were elected as the new prime minister for the RR party. Who would be in your cabinet and what office would they hold?
  3. I wouldn't like the job but I would go for:
    Bad CO as PM
    Soliel DPM
    Sgt P Home Sec
    Rumrat. Equal Opps & Race Relations
    Defence Naval Gazer & Joe Crow
    Treasury Wrecker
    Foreign Sec Finknottle
    Culture & Sports Monte P

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