Finks PM's me?

Does anyone else get random rants off of this clown? Bores the shit out of me with his remarks. Even tried adding me as a friend. Guess the meds hadn't kicked in that day????


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I've had the odd concillatory PM from him, including thanks, much pleasantness and coming as close to admitting a mistake as he is likely to get. Stuff that if it was posted in open forum would be to his credit.


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I've not really had any contact with Finks, be it of a positive or a negative nature.

I've had plenty of other PM's or instant messages from people calling me all sorts though. I'm living the dream.


Here's his latest batch of pointless shite.

finknottle said:
Bloody hell talk about ditherers, I would hate to be in a tight spot with you or BR, 'shall we shan't we' I have already lost a tenner over this debacle. The other possibility could be that you are both far too much of good eggs to be moderators, so which one is it, ditherers or bon oeufs?

Have a nice day, finks.


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Dithering? In what context? I've been accused of many things, but never a ditherer. There's a first time for everything i suppose.
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