Finknottle exposed at long last

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brigham600, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. He looks pretty 'armless to me! :D
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    An artist's impression when he was at court for breach of the peace. Shouting at the paperboy who creased his Guardian.

  3. LMFAO, nice one Wits.
  4. This is bullying of the worst kind; as it is only Finks - Best crack on with it. :wink:

    But beware - He'll be sooooo pleased that a whole thread has been dedicated to him. Evidence, innit?
  5. It's not bullying, its an 'Observation' :)
  6. A social observation in the finest traditions of RR :)
  7. Here he is at home posting on RR

  8. Feck me guys ... brilliant posts just the job to brighten up my dreary day, almost pissed my self laffin... as opposed to just pissing myself from old age !!! :oops: :D :D :D :D :D
  9. Now we know why he is so piss poor at typing :D
  10. Actually if you click on Brighams "Pics" you might want to revise your opinion of who it looks like. 8O 8O :roll:
  11. Thats actually a good point there Rummers..... worrying likeness there
  12. :D
  13. Just as well they captured my best side then eh? :)
  14. I don't know whether I ever mentioned my health and beauty classes.
    For a mere £23,000 I can guarantee you would have the undivided attention of any woman you choose.
    You just need to give me a couple of days to lure, (freudian slip ) I meant secure their service.
  15. Not needed old boy as I already have the undivided attention of a fine woman, but thanks for the offer. :roll:

    Go on spoil yourself for once Rummers!
  16. At his age, just thinking about it needs 3 days warning.
  17. Adultery for beginners might be for you.
    At a cut down once only price of £5,000.
    I need to go home and I don't seem able to get deported.
    It's outrageous.
  18. Don't do adultry, never been my scene and with steak at home, who needs a manky old messy burger. :)
  19. Messy old burger? I don't pimp white women, I offer the Kopi Luwak of women, and leave morality to the church. :wink:
    I could do ya 30 minutes with big silv if I can locate the grave. :roll:

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