Finger Tattoo's. Currently being removed. Will i get turned down?

hello guys. I have my psychometric test on tuesday but there is one thing that is worrying me.. I have small fingers tattoo's which i am currently in the process of getting laser removed. My question is, will they turn me down until my tattoos are completely removed? If i am successful they will 100% be gone by the time i'd start my basic training.
The removal or the application?

For some reason half of my tattoo was removed really quickly but half didn't, so ended up getting it cut out. It all took about 6 months, about 3 or 4 for the part that went with the laser.

Application has just taken over two years but I've been quite unlucky I think.
Was it small? The guy doing my tattoo has said that it should take no longer than 5 sessions every 4 weeks as my tatts are very faded already.

How big was your tattoo?
It was about an inch by half an inch. That sounds about right, if it's black ink it's easier to remove as well I think. If your finger heals well after a couple of sessions see if you can go every three weeks rather than four. The people doing mine had no problem with it.
I did on mine which is why it got paused.

I probably could have hid it if I wanted to but the risk wasn't worth it for me. It's definitely the right thing to do to declare it. As the careers officer said to me, it is actually there.

It won't do any harm but I don't think you can pass the medical until it's removed
My medical took about a year before they passed me for other reasons, and I'm going in as a pilot so had to do FATs and complete an extra medical


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So how come your recruitment process took so long?

I'm looking to join no later than October as i am being made redundant from my current job.
What are you apply for? Some branches have long waiting lists. How much treatment have you had on the tattoos?
Not in, at home snow day, or should that be icy, melting slush day.
There's me thinking they were crap tats he had painted with his finger, every day a school day:cool:

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