Fines slapped on Beijing spitters


Lantern Swinger
I feel sure that the Japanese solved this problem when they invaded Hong Kong in WWII by shooting anyone caught spitting. Apparently cured the problem in 24 hours. :roll:
I recall that spitting is punishable in Singapore as well. It's a pity that it's not an enforced crime in our own fair land. I remember in the '50s and '60s that all buses and trains had big notices promising big fines for spitting. I think that spitting on the pavement also infringed local bye laws. Of course, in those days, TB was an always present danger. Odd that it's becoming more prevalent now?

Kids and never quite grew up kids seem to think spitting everywhere and anywhere is a fashion statement. What a great example the football primadonas (and, as I recall, Maradonas) set.

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