Finding work as a Reserve

I recently been made unemployed and have also recently joined the RNR (as an Officer Cadet).
I've have about 1hr30min of travelling to my unit and I'm struggling to find work that will allow me to attend training on a Tuesday evening!
One job won't offer me full time if I insist on training any more than 1/3 Tuesday's, another job won't let me finish the 15 minutes early I would need to get to training (despite me being willing to sacrifice the equivalent time from my hour lunch break) and the other has flat out said I have to work every Tuesday till 2000 or no job offer!

It's getting to the point that I'm going to have to quit RNR cause it's making my job search difficult! Anyone else had this problem?

I assumed what with the Government pushing for more Reservists that I wouldn't face this struggle but I literally had one employer say he couldn't be flexible cause if he lets me off early-even if I make the time back, everyone would be at it for rugby training, dance classes-we all have hobbies but we have to decide what's more important to us!
I've also had-"just attend the TA instead, it's closer!"

I'm completely at a loss, obviously I'll speak to my unit but if anyone on here has any advice please throw it my way!


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The snag is, an employer has the right to prohibit their employees from joining the reserve forces if they believe it adversely effects their current job.

We do sometimes hear of reservists who think their employer is obliged to accommodate the needs and wants of the service and generally, I'd advise they have a read through the defence relationship management rights and responsibilities:

Geographically, it is difficult to locate yourself in a position whereby you can find full time employment and attend a conveniently located reservist establishment. Maybe you could consider joining the regular service?

More reservist advice here:
The RNR is a hobby and anyone who thinks that the RNR is more important than the company they wish to work for I would not wish to employ.
Perhaps after they had been working for me for a year or two and had proved their worth I may well allow some flexibility, but until then, no way
Formally request, via email to YOTO, for a chat with your CO. Explain to him/her your issues, and see what flexibility he/she will allow you - it is not unheard of for those in your situation to be "allowed" to turn up to unit late. If you don't ask .......

Good luck


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Echoing what SimpleReservist says the RNR will want to keep you in, and whilst evenings can be useful for delivering training it is the weekends that are far more important. Given the hassle we have with people who don't work Monday-Friday and the delay that adds to getting through INT missing 15 minutes at the start of an evening shouldn't be a problem.

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