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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by djmarkmclachlan, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. I have recently (2 weeks ago) rejoined the RN, having PVRed while at Sultan in the summer of '05.

    I'm just wondering how I would go about getting in touch with my old DI from sultan; PO Chris Sherlock. I appreciate he wasn't one of my uppos, as the title suggested, but I have a huge amount of respect and time for him in the very short 3 months that I knew him and I'd like to get a hold of him to let him know I'm back in the RN.


  2. Cant be too difficult mate, how big is the RN nowadays, not like we have eleven Carriers anymore is it, but good luck in your search.
  3. Yeah, I know - it's just somewhat unlikely that he'll still be at Sultan when I go back down there (if he's even still in the RN!); I just don't know how to go about trying to find someone, which is why I've turned to here for a little advice (again). :)

  4. Navy News?
  5. Isn't it very much a touchy feely navy these days, eh?

    I despair.
  6. Ask when you get to Sultan someone will know where he went.

    If you can get access to a military computer with internet connection, you could try searching for his name.

    Put an ad in Navy News.

    Wait and see if he's at Sultan

    There's a few for you to try

    Neil - Supermario

  7. I remember Sherlock as a LH while i was in Newcomen in '04' I'm down sultan again on my leading hands course, I could ask about when I get back from leave, but I know that there is only 1 person left at Newcomen who was there when I was! Even Sue has been promoted!!!
  8. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    You may have more success if you look for "oppos".
  9. Lol, I seen that one coming. My mistake!

  10. I saw Chris at Sultan a couple of years ago. But, i can't be sure he's still there. I'll ask my mate who is there at the moment on the staff, and see what he says.

    He was a Culdrose man, so he may be down there. I'll ask my Brother-in-law if he's seen him.

  11. I`ll ask my Daughters bestest friend in all of the world if she knows where he is. :w00t:
  12. Without giving out too much personal info. I think you will find he is on one of the flat tops as AED. AND its not the Invince
  13. He's on the mighty Illustrious at the mo, in Grubber workshops. i spoke to him a couple of weeks ago!!!!!!!

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