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Finding Service Number for Letter


Hi all, first post so go easy on me.

I've been dating a guy in the Royal Navy for about a year now and wanted to surprise him with a letter as he's been away for a month and trying to text is just a bit naff.

I know his role and BFPO number - and his location - but I need a service number and don't want to let on that I'm sending it.

Does anyone know how I can go about finding it? Are there any services that supply them Without having to prove blood relation?

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great!


War Hero
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Name, unit and BFPO number will do, it will get to him (eventually) but be warned the BFPO mail system is the epitome of snail mail.


Thanks all, yeah I do know his name if I didn't I'd be a tad worried!
Is there a particular order to the address or is it as simple as Name, Unit (ship), and BFPO number?
Also do I need a stamp? That's probably a stupid question but the BFPO site is a bit uncertain as to when you do/don't require one.
Sorry for the stupidity :)


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You do need a stamp unless it's a "bluey" if they still do them. The address order is correct though.


Thank you so much! I did read about Bluey's and there still going but think I'll just bung on a stamp and hope for the best. Thanks again for your help x
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