Finding a photographer

My grandfather was a photographer in the Royal Navy.
my mother and I are attempting to follow his path and find some of his photographs as most were classified.
We have a couple of his photographs including one of the Vanguard.
I have included some of his information in the hopes some of you may be able to help or at least point me in the right direction.

Name: David John white
DoB: 25 July 1917
Joined Navy at 15 yrs old I think 1932 (it was the depression)
He was seaman to start withthen trained as a photographer and in the Fleet Air Arm of navy.
In the HMS Dunloose Castle in Scappaflow and went out on Shetland Bus into fiords of Norway. In the battle of Narvick
On the HMS Valiant 1940 and Vanguard.

thanks in advance!


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