find it hard to loose fat

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Scarface2009, May 9, 2009.

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  1. I am a heavy lad, but i have recently being going for distnt jogs, going to the gym, but nothing has worked?, i have seen a great improvement in my fitness but i still cary a bit of weight, anyone know what is the best type of exercise to lose this? also i need to build up my upper body, should i just use the weights?
  2. Cardio. You need to be working at 60-70 percent of yor max heart rate to burn the most fat, and 70-85% for the best cardio training.

  3. Is there any aspect of your diet which could be adjusted? Perhaps have skimmed milk, no sugar in hot drinks, low-fat spread, less beer etc?
  4. I can wholeheartedly vouch for Fartlek, the weight will drop of and your CV fitness will skyrocket.

    Fartlek FTW.
  5. Or, eat less, if energy going in is less than energy going out, you'll start burning fat.
  6. Try and lose fat instead of loosing it. It's much easier.
  7. I drink semi skimmed, i do however have 2 sugar in my tea or doffie, i did however used to eat a bit of chocolate, i have stoped now and i eat a lot of fruit
  8. Chicken and fish are good. as are kidney beans and chick peas etc.

    Baked potatoes, wholemeal rice and pasta

    Cottage cheese and yoghurt

    Exercise-wise swimming does it for me.
  9. Its not so much of the physical aspect, cause it seems you are doing well on that, but if you post up your diet, i am sure there will be enough people that can check it for. 9/10 the answer will lay in you diet. Also try running first thing in the morning before breakfast, this helps.
  10. Cheers to everyone for the answers, ill see what i can do, i went for a job but only went 2 miles, this was because i was out of water and i was running uphil for the last half mile, i have plenty of time to get my fitness up

    Thanks for the info guys, i will see if i can put into good use
  11. Add swimming to your regime.
  12. You can diet and make it very pleasurable, eat what you want, fish, chips, mushy peas, battered burger, pickled eggs, washed down with half a dozen pints, and you can get twice the pleasure out of eating it as well, so saving 50% of the cost.

    You can try what the girls seem to be so good at, bulhimia. Not only do you taste all that wonderful grease on the way down, but 10 mins later you can taste it all again on the way back up.

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