Finanly got my Dates - Anyone there arround these dates?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Lost_Soul, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Well its been awhile since I´ve been on here due to moving and waiting for BT to stick to the time they are suppost to come, but anyway i have my RNAC and HMS Raleigh join dates and was wondering if anyone else has been given the same dates or will be at Raleigh the sametime as me, the dates i have been given are:

    RNAC - 10th September
    HMS Raleigh - 28th October

    Hope to see some of you there then if you are please reply

  2. Meh, I'll be on a DANEX then :)
    Nice phot of one of my old ships as your Avatar by the way ;)
    I was onboard when that was taken :afro:
  3. Nice - Which ship is it i just searched up on google and when found it cant remember getting the ships name.

    P.S - If anyone got pointers all will be taken aboard, already seen some good ones on here :thumright:
  4. Cornwall

    As for pointers, well, there are some very good threads in the newbie section that are worth a read.

    Two that I can give you are:
    Keep your mouth shut and your ears open (no matter how stupid or pointless it seems, there is always a reason for what you are being told).


    HELP EACH OTHER! It isn't a competition, some of you at Raleigh will be naturally better at some things than others, pool your resources for your benefit. If someone is good at ironing, let them do it while you do their shoes, etc etc. and time will fly. If you try to go it alone, you will fail :)
  5. What trade did you sign up for mate?
  6. Going in as an AET
  7. Good luck to you.
    Stick it out and you will love the life - you get out of it what you give!

  8. Gives me hope for going in around the same time then.. Passed PJFT last week.
  9. Theres always a possibility Ben, whens Caldoneia or you not doing it?
  10. Not doing it. Well I haven't been invited to, either way I'm not too fussed.
  11. I will be there, but hopefully will be coming close to passing out, I start on 2nd Sept.
  12. Kool, Well Goodluck, and i might see you around there, you´ll be the first ones to do the 9 week basic then wont you?

    And Ben from what I´ve heard its worth doing, could always ask at the AFCO
  13. Think I'll give them a ring and see about it then.


  14. Might see you for thr RNAC then Ben, if thats the closest one with spaces left for an AET
  15. I will be there on a proffesional course from Sept to Dec
  16. whats the specialist course your going on? Chef? Seamen (i think thats done there - awaits to be proven wrong)

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