Financial Times: "MoD To Hand Over Running Of Bases To Private Sector"

To be be honest it has been run by civvies for ages. My son worked for Defence Estates before he saw the light!!!! (MOD pay is crap).

So the MOD hands it over to another civvie company!!!! The difference being?


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This should come as no surprise really, the number of defence establishments run under PFI either whole or in part far outnumbers those which are still wholly in MoD hands,
Nahhh, it is earmarked to be residential homes for the elderly. That is not a dig to try and be amusing, its the truth. The main site is now being run partly by civvies.
Shame, I bet it was a top ships company draft. My 2 weeks went by in a blast of mud, sweat and beers!

" Flaming Joes" ahhhhh :)

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