Financial Times: "Is The Royal Navy Really Necessary?"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. Yes we are an island no navy means we cannot protect the merchant ships that bring us petrol, food, general consumer goods, building materials etc.
  2. Wow. Finally, an accurate piece of journalism!
  3. only 90% of our imports come by sea. Most of these ships travel through the worst chokepoints possible for piracy. But really do we need a Navy?
    I wrote this quote before reading the article. And my must say what a fantastic piece of writing. If only the RN invited more journo's like this instead of the dross we often read, created by second rates journo's writing for the red tops or even the mighty bbc website.
  4. Old Ships - and 4 years later still some familiar faces!
  5. Good article.Top marks FT.
  6. BZ's to the FT good peice and agree with digger84 we need more reporters covering the navy like this.
  7. Thought I'd bump the FT Article - it's a nice article with some good photos.

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