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I was wondering if someone could help me. I've just passed my medical for WS. I've read a few posts about the clearance process that is carried out and am getting really worried. In my interview they asked me if I had any personal loans. By this I thought they meant loans from other people. I said no. although I do have a bank loan which I pay around £140pm and (I live at home with no other outgoings), I didnt think it was important so said no! im worried that this is going to be a huge prob that I unintentionally lied! is there any chance of quickly righting this wrong? any advice?
If you thought they meant from aunties and uncles then tell them that, it shouldn't be a problem, but someone more knowing will give you a better answer in a min.


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Simply tell your careers adviser what your outgoings are, if they are less than 50% of your projected income, with no defaulted payments, CCJs or IVAs then there is little to worry about.

The Defence Vetting Agency run a credit check anyway, so there's not a lot to be gained by witholding information or telling porkies.

All we ask, is that you are truthful.


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maluaM said:
should i phona the dva and tell them too?
No need to, they will know anyway. If there are any further financial issues the DVA require information on, they send you a Financial questionnaire via your AFCO.

If the debt is as you state, then a call to your careers adviser will suffice without the need for further angst.
okay thanks for your avice, what are the likely repercussions from this? will they just alter their records? make me fill in a new security form? or could they reassess my application? sorry for sounding paranoid, i've just put s much into this so far, i'm concerned that i've ruined thngs before they've even begun!
shipmate, on a dva point of view for a security check they check you back ground and if you have given them the incorrect information they will class it as a lie and may cancel you SC. I suggest you inform the AFCO ASAP.
He will probably think your a NAMET but, will sort it out. Lots of people have loans and do things the regret but, if you tell the truth and you want have a problem. comrade

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