finally!! whooop!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by navy-ash, May 8, 2009.

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  1. after a nerve racking 2 month wait, i finally got my start date :p 13th september. so i now have plenty of time to get my fitness levels above expectation :) i have my pre-entry briefing first, so im also looking forwards to that :) cant wait :p:p
  2. oh and thanks for everyones help on this site, its greatly appreciated, as all the advice and help helped me alot!! thanks guys.
  3. Excellent news, well done!

    Time to get cracking with the cooking!

    Ask around Rum Ration to find out everyone's favourite dishes from the RN chefs' repertoire - cheesy-hammy-eggy is a big favourite!
  4. Well done, now the hard work starts


  5. Favourite dish from the RN Chefs' repertoire, Supermario?
  6. Probably Babies heads - Steak and kidney pudding, with chocy duff and chocy custard for afters.


    Yum Yum :)
  7. Hello mate, i got my date only a week after my fitness test lol, i go in on the 4th October, i need to get my fitness levels up as i am clearly under par, lol just been for a jog and my legs are fxcking aching
  8. I may potentially be starting the same day as you. I was declared fit on Thursday 7th and I'm going in as a chef as well.
  9. is that in October or September?
  10. ahaha im joining as a chef and im in on 13 september but i found out like thursday ahaha, i think i was cuttign it fine to get in for then :)
  11. Well done COOK :wink: :wink: You will only be called CHEF!!! when jack is being nice to you and wants extra :wink:
  12. if you say so, but i already hold down a nvq2 in food. and already work as a chef :p
  13. :wink: :wink: :wink: You will be overqualified for the RN then Oppo :lol: :lol: Ps dont tell the Chief Cook, about you being a chef!!!! he will be envious of you :roll: :roll:
  14. Do you still have to do the full course trade training?
  15. Yeah, they teach you to forget everything you already know which is good as stokers don't deserve/wouldn't appreciate my filet mignon with borderlaise sauce.
  16. A stoker replies......Minging filet ( Maccy D ) and HP sauce, yes please Smoggy. :)

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