Finally some good news :)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Murph, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. As the story goes I applied for the Mob in September 2009 and have been keeping in regular contact with the careers office regarding a start date every few months.

    Just made my New Year phone call for an update, and with good news he tells me they are due a list of start dates at the beginning of April and because of how long I have waited I'm on that list, so fingers crossed I get my phone call in April. :)

    Has anyone else had any success?

  2. Thats good news,I'm October 2009 going in NA/AH, what you going in as Murph??
  3. Thats good Ive been waiting since June 09 what you going in as. So there's a new list coming out in April. Hopefully il be on it fingers crossed. Not getting my hopes up lol.
  4. If you don't mind me asking dabbzie what's NA/AH?
    Im going is in as WS :)
  5. Murph, NA/AH is an Aircraft Handler, I'm also on the waiting as one too.
  6. Thanks chris, how long you been waiting??
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Without wishing to crush hopes and aspirations, it is indeed hoped that entry dates for June onwards will be announced from around April, however...

    Despite waiting times being in a permanent state of flux at the best of times & the additional wait imposed by Raleigh entries closing for six months, I feel it's only fair to highlight the fact that ratings entries for the coming year have been reduced by more than half (except for Royal Marines). The last predicted wait, for example for a prospective NA(AH) wanting to apply today, is about 4 years. This isn't to say those already in the system will have to wait this long necessarily but in light of the SDSR my guess is the priority for entries allocated will be for trades from bigger branches with more available billets. Aircraft Handler, even before the change in the economic climate was always a long wait (routinely up to a couple of years) due to the fact it's a sought-after trade (much the same as Clearance Diver) but also because it's quite a small branch when compared to Engineering or Warfare trades.

    Best of luck for an early entry date, believe me we wish the waiting periods weren't as long as well and have every sympathy for those waiting patiently for so long.
  8. So is this going to be the first intake this year then june i was hoping to hear quite soon about a May intake, im going in for CT how long is the wait for that trade at present.
  9. I completely believe what Ninja is saying, it was good news to hear, but ill take it with a pinch of salt and carry on with day to day life and see what happens in April.
  10. I have been waiting since September 09, at that point the wait time was about 3 year or so, so Im about half way through that time period although there were a few months added onto the original wait time. As has already been said, it's just a waiting game :)
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's definitely worth the wait & again, my respect for sticking with it & being prepared to wait.

    If your future careers are even half as enjoyable as mine was to me, you'll feel it was very much worth waiting for.
  12. Just out curiosity how many phase1 trainees train at Raleigh at any one time.

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  13. Hopefully I will be on that list sat me rt test aug09 WS
    fingers crossed!
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    When it's up to full capacity, there's a weekly intake of up to 80 (ish), so nine weeks worth of 80 ish is feasible. Whether intakes of that size are envisaged with a reduced predicted manning requiremnt remains to be seen.

    There's talk RN Officer Initial Naval Training maybe co-located in the not too distant future (only 3 entries per year) & it's possible the length of Initial Naval Training maybe inreased by a week or two.
  15. Increased!!?? Do you think trainees arent learning quick enough in the 9 wk period or is it just the volume of stuff 9wks isn't enough??

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  16. We could be going around the same time Burnsy. Ring your AFCO at the beginning of April.
  17. will do mate will do!
  18. We have been reliably informed that the rating intake for this financial year will be around the 1000 mark rising to about 1450 next year with an average intake of between 50 and 60 personnel per entry. The Initial Rating Training (IRT) package is in the process of being completely re-written to take account of the results of the Hutton report and will include far more military elements than in previous incarnations. Basic training is to be renamed Initial Naval Training (INT) and will be 10 weeks long and delivered to ratings from the first entry in May. Officers will also undertake the exact same package located at Raleigh before moving to BRNC to complete their more officer specific phase one training. Ratings and Officers will not be in mixed classes and the first officer entry that is envisaged to conduct INT is programmed for September of this year as a pilot programme to begin with. The programme is going to change immensely and hopefully will be far better structured and enable instructional staff to ensure the best training is delivered and the recruits gain as much as possible from their phase one training.
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep that's pretty much what I was inferring.

    There's also speculation as to whether INT will remain at Raleigh in the longer term, perhaps eventually move to BRNC, maybe even Sultan and even talk of Raleigh being handed over to Royal in the longer term.

    The long term possibilities are seemingly endless, but beyond the short term probabilities, it's anyone's guess.
  20. Exactly what we've been told Ninja, the costs involved in moving phase one training from Raleigh are phenomenal apparently and as for the Royals taking over Raleigh juniors courses are going to be run from Raleigh soon as Lympstone cant cope with the numbers needing to complete the course. If it goes to Sultan you never know they might knock all the old tiffs blocks down and build some decent accom as Sultan seems to be the only place that has had no investment with the move to the tri-service engineering college in Wales being used as an excuse not to update the place.

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