Finally got my Officer Sift Interview


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After 7 whole weeks of waiting, been told its for Mid- Febuary..

Lots of time to prepare then I guess .. :lol:

I know this has been covered a fair bit, but he said on the phone that he will ask me a little bit on the Royal Marines. Does anyone know what sort of depth he will go into. Will it be just Commando helicopter force, current deployments of marines, HMS Ocean/Bulwark, training in Brunei and obviously the anti-piracy/anti-narcotics operations?

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It gives one great pleasure to answer a question with thirty :wink: :

1. What is the date of the birth of the Corps?

2. What is the Corps motto?

3. What does it mean?

4. Describe the CORPS cap badge and what do all the elements mean?

5. What is the personal weapon carried by Royal Marines?

6. Who was Hanna Snell?

7. What were the Corps last major battle honours?

8. Who is the Commandant General of the Royal Marines?

9. There are three Commando Units, what are they called?

10. Where are the Commando Units located?

11. What does The Fleet Protection Group & Fleet Standby Rifle Troop do.

12. Name Five of the specialist (SQ) or Technical qualifications (TQ) that Marines could be trained for?

13. Where in the world are the Royal Marines currently serving?

14. What is the name of the personal weapon currently used by the Royal

15. How long is Royal Marines Musician training?

16. Where do RM Musicians undergo basic training & trade training?

17. Where are Royal Marines Bands based?

18. What is the "wartime role" of the RMBS?

19. Which RM trades are most likely to serve on warships?

20. What are the names of the Royal Navy & Royal Fleet Auxiliary Assault Ships?

21. How many VC's were awarded to the Corps?

22. What are the the two roles of RM insertion used by HMS OCEAN?

23. Where is the Headquarters of the Royal Marines situated & what is the current RM trained strength?

24. Where do RM Other Ranks & RM Officers undergo basic training?

25. Which colour shoulder lanyards do each RM unit wear?

26. Name two sorts of vehicles that are currently in use in the Royal Marines?

27. List the rank structure to WO1 in the Royal Marines.

28. List the rank structure from 2nd Lieutenant up to the rank of Colonel.

29. Which Commando Units last returned from Afghanistan?

30. Who was the last RM George Cross recipient?

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