Finally got a date!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by will!, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. Its been a year since i did my medical but i finally have my joining date!!.Its the 1st of feb and i can not wait,bye bye to boring factory job hello to new life!! i'm also going to scotland on the 6th of october for the acquaint course which should be good!
  2. Congratulations mate.
  3. congratulations enjoy it.
  4. well done mate! out of pure curiousity, why did it take so long?
  5. long story but it was to do with me having asthma when i was younger ,took along time to get clearance from the head office.
  6. What are you going in as?!

    I have to wait 'til March for a definate confirmation of entrance, and then won't start til April!!!
  7. Marine engineer
  8. Ouch, that sounds painful.
  9. looks like we will be getting to know each other a little then mate, as i am going in as Marine Engineer and my start date is also 01/02/2009

    I cant wait to go and start what will hopefully be a great new chapter in my life!! :thanks:
  10. well i'll see ya there then!! Are you going to scotland for the 4 day aquaint course or have you done it?
  11. well done guys, keep your head down and get some fitness done, dont loose focus
  12. yeah will do,starting to go swimming,i do running anyway,and play football,before i go in i'm hoping to put a few kg's on i only weigh about 61kg and i'm about 170cm so i'm hoping to get to the higher end of the sixty's before i go in.
  13. anyone joinin the 1st of feb am goin in as a marine engineer

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