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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by HORNBLOWER, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. :toilet: :threaten: I finally did it, managed to be the only sado up at 01.25 20th July 2007 currently logged on RR as a member, 12 other persons logged on but not saying a lot, got a free go at everyone, fckin superb ! ..................... How sad am I ? :tp: :rendeer:
  2. Very sad - greetings HB from China.
  3. :toilet: Greetings, London to China in a few clicks of the keyboard, superb. I'm here cause I've got to be, working, what time is it there then ? :tp:
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    It's raining in Petawawa - is it raining in Tokyo? (with apologies to Tony Hancock!)
  5. 09:37hrs - sun is shining and the first cold beer of the day is beckoning!

    I'm working as well but I have my own company so I work my own hours and drink beer when I feel like it! Lovely!


  6. Sorry mate - not the only one around. Greetings from the Americas where it isn't quite so late.

  7. :toilet: Its going to piss it down today over here, severe weather warning and its fkcin July !!!!! You shipmates get about a bit don't you ? I'm currently sitting in a Control Room about Victoria Coach station, controlling the Fuzz, the only time of the day its quiet around here :tp:
  8. It's a dirty job, someone's gotta do it!

    Glad to see some things don't change - English summertime being a damper!

    Good to be in the 35C heat today with a very cold beer in sticky mitt!
  9. Not exactly doing a bang up job keeping your eye on the controls then HB if you have one eye on RR mate.

  10. :toilet: Nice one, sounds like a good life, nothing changes here with the weather of course, summer was in April this year ! Mind you, visited Malta and it got up to 42c which was hot enough for Hornblower. :tp:
  11. :toilet:The people I deal with don't exactly get too involved with all the grief on the streets so there is some quality down time during the small hours when Hornblower can hit them keys, does make the night slip by that much quicker even managed a decent curry in here tonight followed by a gurt dollup of triple chocolate cake, we know how to live we do ! :money:
  12. I hear you mate. I don't care for the heat myself.

    Interesting spot Malta. Friendly people but not a great deal to do there anymore, or at leasst there wasn't last time I went there.

  13. :dwarf: Ah, now that depends what your after, the likes of the Gut have obviously shut down but you can still find a sprinkling of Jack friendly bars around the Islands, it still looks like Beirut during the troubles but they've gone to Town with the 5 star hotels, Paceville is now a throbbing night spot with tons of bars, cafes, clubs, shops etc, there's a huge new marina complex been built in St Juliens around the new Hilton hotel with luxury private apartments, St Angelo now has a marina alongside it and all the old offices down the side towards Senglea have been turned in to restaurants and bars, all very cafe cultured ! The Malts are still as friendly as ever, the water crstal clear and 25c to swim in, love the place. :threaten:
  14. Thanks for the tourist overview. I'll look forward to my next visit then HB.

  15. 09:05 Greetings from Thailand!!! It's about 30 degrees already so I'll have to have a morning dip in the pool, before I take on the irksome burden of deciding what to do with my day. lol.
  16. Not another massage and bucket full of Singha's day CO?
  17. :toilet: Charlieoppo, you can piss off and all !!!!! :toilet: :tp: :threaten:
  18. :toilet: Seriously, a pleasure whiling away the small hours with you good shimpates, have a good day, don't drink too much of that ice cold stuff ............ laters. :tp: :threaten:
  20. Cowboy Soi or Patpong for watching the girlies?

    I used to work in Bangkok for a few months - Cosmos and Pegasus were clubs I used to hang out in after work.

    Or are you a P rating?

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