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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Backpacker1uk, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. And not before time I can tell thee :D

    A supermarket giant is to cater for well-endowed men by stocking extra large condoms.
    The new condoms - which are 10mm longer than the average 205mm version and 1mm wider - will go on sale in Tesco branches across the UK from Wednesday.

    A store spokeswoman said the launch of the Durex Extra Large range follows "overwhelming consumer demand".

    Healthcare buyer Nicola Evans added: "These new condoms are designed to allow larger men more comfort than ever before.

    "We know through customer research that there has been a growing demand for an extra large condom that is easily available in high street pharmacies.

    "In the last year there have been more than 200 calls from customers requesting the availability of an extra large condom."

    The most popular ranges of condoms at the supermarket are currently Durex Fetherlite and Durex Extra Safe.

    Durex Extra Large condoms will cost £9.53 for a packet of 12 and will be sold exclusively at 400 Tesco stores.
  2. Only mongs buy johnys.
  3. Unfortunately Mongs do not buy Johny's. If only they would we could save a fortune on the benefits that are being paid out to these mongs for all their little bastards :twisted:
  4. ... or just go down to your local Family Planning Clinic and get them for free - maybe not the Extra Large ones but they are Durex.
  5. My point exactly
  6. Family planning clinic? why would you go there? if you wanna start a family you dont need comdoms.
  7. I thought that's what you meant!
  8. 8O Been outside for many moons;-do you still get the free issue on request? :p
  9. Every good Matelot knows you are invincible as long as you are wearing your thick black Pusser's socks. (Two pairs if the bird is proper rats or might have AIDS.
  10. You chaps might be alarmed at this but, as a lad, I used to think the legend on the Durex packet (No 3 teat) was the size; rather like fish hooks and numbered drill bits.
  11. I am reliably informed that whenever they had them in stock, Primary Healthcare at the Field Hospital in Basra would run out of them within hours.
  12. I used to run a sexual health group a few years ago while I was at Uni. As part of my job I gave out thousands of free condoms. The amount of men who would ask me for the extra large condoms ( which were black for some reason) was huge!. My response would normally be " yeah right". I did have one guy come to see me who said that he needed the extra large condoms as his penis was so massive, he offered to show me to prove it. I swiftly declined.
  13. Where I live people only ask for extra large ones so that they can smuggle larger quantities of drugs through customs.
  14. I always thought that the standard issue condoms were very large. :oops:
  15. Me being a clean living type I detest the sight of a used condom dumped for all the world to see.

    Along with bags of dog shite hanging from tree's! "Leave it here darling the dog shite collector will be along soon" :x
  16. do they do extra small condoms? i have 2 roll mine up n take em in a bit
  17. Do you get your mum to do it for you?
  18. ill ask her
  19. Reminds of the old joke, "have you seen the serial number on your condom, no? Well your not rolling them back far enough!!" Boom Boom.
    Hah I wish!
  20. I've always used Trojans, they have the extra length and girth required, seems Durex are a little slow on realising that some of us are larger than the norm.... :wink:

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