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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Chicogiz, Nov 27, 2007.

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  1. Right this is my final decision because my uncle was a marine and now his dead but i said im gonna be one and he said go for it i can do it. But there is one thing why i keep changeing my mind and that is because im 5 ft 8 and 9 stone and have a strong mind but not that fit do you think i could still do it if i work for it?
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Anything's possible, hey, they let me join (OK, NZB may well have paved the way).

    If it's what you want go for it. There's plenty of advice on building yourself up and getting fit etc on here without me adding to it.
  3. I believe i can do it but look at my weight and size lol.
  4. 9 Stone is hardly anything!!
  5. Mate i remember blokes who looked like rats versions of anorexic supermodels and they could carry the kit twice their body weight its incredible, On the other hand I was a bit of a fat fcuker and i still made it. Its not about size and weight mate, Its all about whats upstairs that counts. Give it a bash and convince yourself you can do it, You've got nothing to lose, except face back home with your family and pals, It probably didnt matter at all to my family if i had failed but i convinced myself it would and it worked for me.

    Size and weight is irrelevant mate but you have to be a good looking fcuker! All bootnecks are essence except the Oatmeal savages, Fact...
  6. Chico, so you don't want to be a Submariner any more? I bet the Sundodgers are gutted!
    When I joined up and I am referring to my Service Docs here, I was 5'10" and weighed 9 1/2 stone so I was roughly the same as you (But obviously more essence.).
    Contrary to popular belief not a lot of recruits are 6'5'' and 13 stone of muscle and sinew as they are still developing young men and may well sprout a few more inches and certainly put on weight in the form of muscle.
    So don't go out and buy some 'roids just yet, follow some of the exercise plans that are detailed here or on other sites, eat properly and you should be able to hack the PRMC.
    I would stress that a goodly number of recruits fail training not due to any fault in their physical development but because they lack mental toughness.
    Good luck.
  7. Are those haemorroids?? Join the Corps and you get your own dose of them!!
  8. Funny old thing - but booties generally aren't the muscle laden freaks portrayed in US movies. As has been said in preceding posts, it's nearly all 'upstairs'. An LMA on the same AACC to me was light years ahead in fitness compared to me yet one Saturday morning he upped and went. This meant that I was then the sole course 'doc' so everytime we were out on Woodbury or Dartmoor muggins here had to do the blister and 'Doo....ooc?' thing. Bastard.

    You already recognise your fitness is lacking - get cracking. Give yourself an edge when you get to PRMC and then course.
  9. Thanks for that and i have a good mental toughness and my uncles a bootneck and beliefs i could do it. I dont see no harm on trying because you will never know till you do it.

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