Final date for job choice?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by catton01, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. Had a bit of a search but could'nt really find what i was looking for so ill start over!

    Well I've applied to join the Navy about a month and a half ago now, just waiting for the security check as im ex Army, i've been waiting about a month and a half so far, any ideas on how long this should take?

    My first job choice is AET and my second choice is ET(ME), but im starting to sway towards ET(ME) because from what i've heard Aet's are not spending much time at sea and this is what im joining the Navy for!

    My question is at what point do i have to sign the dotted line saying yes i will be an AET or yes i will be an ET(ME)?


    Edited cause i am an idiot :roll:
  2. Cheers, anyone got any info on when you have to have decided your final job choice?
  3. I believe not until you start at raleigh and sign on that dotted line.
  4. Nothing is final until you sign WWFC - you can not sign and go home. That doesn't mean you can transfer branches there and then 'just like that'.
  5. Sorry im confused, i thought that you could decide you didnt want to go for a job and switch to another up until you'd signed saying you'd do that job? Obviously you'd need to wait for vacancies in another branch and meet the required criteria but you can change branch up until you have signed can't you?
  6. No. Imagine the mayhem if a dozen people turn up and decide they've changed their minds. They'd have to be fed, accommodated and paid whilst sitting around at Raleigh waiting for a course to start - in some cases that could be months.

    Sign or go home and start the process again. If they'll let you.

    Having said that, I don't know when the latest you can decide is. I'm sure one of the recruiters can tell you.
  7. Yes you are an idiot but we won't complain because you recognised one of your shortcommings.

    When you complete your application form you will be able to indicate two preferences. If you get to the interview stage you will have to decide what job you wish to go for. However, as it is engineering that you are interested in your interviewer might be able to suggest where your skills (if you have any engineering experience) could be put to best use. If you are successful you will attend a medical for the job of your choice. You should have decided what job you are applying for by the time you get to the interview. You wil be told whether you have been successful for job XXX or not. You will sign your contract when you arrive at HMS Raleigh. By then you will have been allocated a place in the training pipeline for XXX job and you cannot decide to change at that stage as it will be too late.
    Speak to the AFCO staff and stop pussy footing around.

    You cannot change your mind to transfer to a different job once you have signed your contract at HMS Raleigh.
  8. when i was applying to join i was goin to go in logistics but when it came to my interview the PO said why didnt you choose ET(ME), so i went away and had a think about it, but the interview was done for the logistics job.
  9. The relevance of that being...?
  10. Yous are misleading this guy completely.

    You can change your job choice at any point during your application, as long as you have not completed your application, which would mean you have passed selection and have your dates for basic training.
  11. What are you on about? Nobody is misleading anybody. The question was 'how late can you change your choice of branch' and the statement was made that you could do it until the minute you sign at Raleigh. I pointed out that this was incorrect and Drakey gave a more detailed (and informed) explanation of when a change of mind could be made.

    There is no misleading going on, just an attempt to help. Until you know what you are talking about shut up.
  12. The way Drakey puts it across is as if you cannot change your job choice after your interview.

    Put your knickers back on.
  13. So you are not stuck up until you sign and you can change but you may need to restart the application process.
  14. Yeah, basically, once you've got your date you're signed up for a course for that trade. You can choose not to join any time up until you sign at Raleigh, but you cannot just change your choice of branch.
  15. OK. Let's clear this up.
    An applicant can change their mind during the application process, but there is no guarantee that they will be found to be suitable for their new branch.
  16. Ok so basically i have to have my chosen job choice by the time my interview roles round?
  17. More or less yes. Unless you want to look like a prat for wasting everyones time.

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