Films to be Updated?

Any films that need to be updated with modern CGI[Keep your hands off Zulu!] well I can think of one that may benefit,
Charge of the Light Brigade would be awesome in CGI.
Lead actors Brad Pitt and George Clooney with Jo Brand as Lord Cardigan!
Can't think of any more at the moment,Dambusters wouldn't work or would it?must be plenty out there for Ridly Scott to get his teeth in to,lets face it he released bloody Robin Hood once again!
Interesting concept, I'd love to see some of the old WWII films remade, but I can't think of any modern actors who would be able to step up to the plate.

You couldn't find decent replacements for John Mills, Antony Quayle, Richard Attenborough, Michael Caine etc.

It just wouldn't be right.

In my opinion, the best of the current crop are good, but don't have the actual wartime/national service experience to smash in a convincing portrayal. The definition of a good British actor these days, is either a meat head bodybuilder with a gash accent (Jason Statham) or a pretty buy public school twat who looks good in 18th century gear (Colin Firth).

I'll probably get slated and called a massive bummer for saying this but IMO the best male actor out there at the moment is Leonardo Decaprio. See him in Blood Diamond and Shutter Island if you need convincing.

Unfortunately he's a yank, which means I can't see him playing this character anytime soon:
Some classic films were made to be in black and white, the Cruel Sea, Yangtse Incident etc and echoing 2DD's sentiment they just wouldn't be right and I can't see how you could improve them.

And he missed out Richard Todd in his hall of fame who was the first Para out of the first plane on D Day and refused to play himself in The Longest Day.
Dambusters ? Surely the remake is underway, and would obviously involve CGI's. The Airfield at East Kirkby is supposedly to feature, as is 'Just Jane' the lancaster based there. It appeared in the last episode of 'Land Girls' last week.
When I say --underway, I mean the planning and logistical studies.
When you look at the British war films,
Cruel Sea,
Beneath us the Waves
In which we Serve[except where that beefer of a Captain keeps on about his Servant helping in the kitchen,grinds my teeth that!]
there is not much that can be improved.
The Battle of Britain with that glorious Walton Spitfire prelude may but we musn't upset the Germans as they have all the money!
What about Crecy and another CGI of Trafalgar I think that would be a Oscar winner as the Yanks like it when the French get stuffed.
Maybe a Porno Saturday night and Sunday Morning with shots of ladies fluff and deep penetration?
Think I'm wandering a bit now down my Bugis St memories.


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Just to chip in - I agree that Leonardo DiCaprio is great. Destined to be one of this generation's finest actors, and deservingly so.

Wih regard to films - if Hollywood EVER decides to remake Some Like It Hot, I swear to god I will blow the Hollywood sign up in protest.

With regard to films I think could be done well if updated:

In The Heat Of The Night
633 Squadron
Where Eagles Dare
Reach For The Sky

Quite a few war movies could be good if updated. We'd certainly be treated to some brilliant effects - and the studios have huge budgets so they could probaby finance a whole Squadron of Spitfire/Messerschmitt reproductions and do real dog fights. That would be great.
Above us the Waves wasn't bad either :-D

They used a form of CGI in Battle of Britain and in A Bridge Too Far and Band of Brothers for the massed DC3 air fleets.
Course I meant"Above us the Waves!" wife says I get mixed up between under and on top!
I get mixed up with the film of john mills attacking that Battleship and another with him in a doomed submarine.
just not a film buff I reckon.
I can't think of ANY films that couldn't be improved with well judged use of CGI, including all the black & white ones.

Special effects have long been part of the movie business - why not continue the tradition providing it doesn't detract from the original film?
Khartoum,The Four Feathers,Beau Geste there are lots,but better would be that film of the attack on the St Nazaire dock gates.
That was a truly heroic episode of the war that prevented the pocket battleships using the French docks.
The film by Trevor Howard was one of my favorites but it needs to be shot again with modern CGI.
An action such as this deserves that as the VC's awarded so proved.
Get cracking Ridley as even the Germans were in awe of it.
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