films about trafalgar

My dad ( ex Rm) says no films have ever been made about trafalgar, I seem to recall an old black and white film ?! His argument for one not being made is good, Master and Commander was only 2 ships fighting and took alot of special effects so trafalgar would take to many and they stoy is not internationally well known enought to make money ( e'g america)


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"That Hamilton Woman" think it had a different name in the UK, staring former RNVR officer L Olivier had the battle at the end. All I can remember of it is three "Tars" reading "England Expects ..." with out the aid of the signal book.

In 1982 ITV, did a superb (well I enjoyed it) four parter called "I remember Nelson". Each episode was the story of one person who came into contact with LN for different reasons. This was shown in 1982. The last one was not shown when it should have been as Sheffield had been sunk and it portrayed the Battle all from the point of view of a Gunner (Phil Daniels, now in East Enders) on Victory's main gun deck. No model ships just one set..

Swipe me, Just Googled it and it's been out on DVD. (In the US)


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Also try "A Bequest to the Nation" from 1973, check out the link below, it dealt mainly with Nelson and Lady Hamilton's affair but there was a fairly decent battle scene at the end, although confined to the deck of the Victory, if I recall correctly. Peter Finch played Nelson and gave a good performance.

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