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Film: 'Greyhound', starring Tom Hanks - 1942 - A Convoy Edges Across The Atlantic - Release Date: May 2020


War Hero
Nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in Spielberg’s 'Saving Private Ryan', Tom Hanks returns to the genre of war drama this spring in the film ‘Greyhound’.

Maturing as an actor in principal roles in some of cinema’s most well-known films, Hanks has increasingly sought to embrace other related aspects of the making of films and television series, a move which has allowed him to return on a regular basis to war-based drama, as a producer on the mini-series ‘The Pacific’ (2010) but, most notably, in the creation, production, writing and directing of the mini-series ‘Band Of Brothers’ (2001).

His interest in the genre continues with ‘Greyhound’, not only as the actor in the principal role of Captain Ernest Krause, but also as the writer of the screenplay, which is based on the novel ‘The Good Shepherd’ (1955) by C S Forester.

The film is set in 1942. Captain Ernest Krause (Hanks), in his first command of a US destroyer, a position which contributes to the high drama as he faces his own demons and self-doubts, is leading a convoy of 37 ships, military and merchant vessels, across the treacherous North Atlantic, seas infested by the hidden menace of the U-Boat; not just one single U-Boat, but, often ‘wolf packs’ of them, preying on passing convoys. Krause’s convoy does not go unscathed, how could it? 'In 48 hours we’ve lost seven ships and 50 souls,' Krause says, encapsulating the sheer horror and loss of the war at sea at this point.

Filmed largely in Louisiana, many of the ship-based scenes were created on the USS Kidd, a Fletcher-class destroyer now a museum in Baton Rouge. Other scenes were made at sea on HMCS Montreal.

‘Greyhound’ is due for release in the spring of this year; the date currently listed for release in the UK is May 8th 2020.

I would love to see a good, and historically accurate film about Captain F J Walker and His 2nd Escort Group. Wonder if Hanks will capture an enigma machine along the way? ;)
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