Film '07

some blathering on upcoming releases...

Martian Child - I dont normally go for the weakling child/widowed guy weepies but something about this makes me think John Cusack can pull it off.

No Country for Old Men- The Coen Brothers, Tommy Lee Jones, what more reason do you need?? Some bonkers hitmen, a huge pile of cash and drugs....

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem - This time they crash land in South Park (or near enough). First outing for the special effect guys from "300" , and they say they want to get back to the tension of "Alien", heres hoping its not a big yawn and my pants will be well and truly shat.

Hitman- "47" hits the big screen (he's a video game character, ask the kids) but 6 months from shooting to release doesn't bode well. Im just hoping for a bit of Leon/Nikita/Transporter style slotting to moody tunes. Anything else like acting or pathos will be a bonus I suppose.

What are you looking forward to/dreading? I do not have high expectations for the Will Smith remake of "Omega Man", "I am Legend", it all looks a bit 28 days later to me.
stirling said:
Omega not think Will Smith will look good wearing Heston's rug :rendeer: :rendeer:
Don't understand why they have to tinker with the originals, the main character was white, now we will make him black, I suppose the next remake of ET we will replace the alien with Homer Simpson....or Snow White with Jackie Chan....ffs.... :afro:
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