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Filling in Q101 questionairre for AIB



I am in the process of filling in my pre-AIB questionairre

whilst i am doing fine with coming up with a lot of examples, I am somewhat worried that they all seem to be based around my 5 years working on boats and leisure time racing sailing.

whilst i can come up with some different examples - i have used Duke of Edinborough award as one for teamwork - i was wondering if people thought using a 'weaker' example - organizing a cancer research event - is preferable in showing more breadth to using another 'marine' type example, although it would be from a different boat/ship to the other examples

cheers all


I've just filled mine in and most of my responses are based on similar activities. I figured that you will get the chance to expand on other experiences when you meet the board face to face, and I am sure that if they think you have concentrated too much on the same area of previous experience they will tell you, and then you will get the opportunity to offer up alternative examples of leadership/teamwork etc if necessary.

I'm no expert though, one of the careers advisers will be in a better position to give an accurate answer or you could always try your ACLO



I went through AIB back in September and when I filled out my questionnaire I tried to use as many different examples as possible. It shows that you are more diverse and allows them to see that you have been involved in several different things. "Organising a cancer research event" is not a weak example and will show them that you have been involved in charity work; they would rather ask you questions about this than repeatedly talking about marine based examples. However this is only my view, so as Pete_N suggests, talk to your ACLO.


I just fired mine off in the post today. I tried to get as many different aspects of my life in there, and ended up with leadership - kayaking, planning - job, teamwork - university project, and back to courage and values kayaking.

For the interview I can use bring up other hobbies e.g. hiking; leadership, planning, courage and values,
Job; leadership, team work etc.


thanks guys, i thought as much

asked my ACLO but she explained she didn't go through it with people as it would be unfair.

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