Fill out our employment survey and win a hamper!

Are you ex-Forces? Help us to help you and your mates!

Fill out our employment survey and you could win a £100 Christmas Hamper!

Just click on the link below to access the survey:

Poppyscotland has commissioned research to find out what help ex-Forces personnel need to find work – and how that help can be best provided.

The report and its recommendations will go to the Government, the Heads of the Forces, and to all other veterans’ organisations.

We are keen for as many veterans as possible to tell us about their experiences of looking for and getting a job outside the forces – and in particular about any hurdles you may have had to overcome.

This survey – which should only take 5 minutes to complete – is also your chance to tell us about how job-finding services should be improved.

Everyone who completes the survey will have their name entered into a prize draw – with the winner receiving a Christmas Hamper worth £100!

The survey is anonymous and all responses will be confidential.
Hi all,

Just a bit more information - we are working on behalf of Poppyscotland and have liaised with the forum administrators about posting this here. We are just looking to get the views of as a wide an audience as possible to improve support for veterans in Scotland.

We would really appreciate your participation.

Just checked and poppyscotland appears to be a very reputable and worthwhile organisation which supports veterns and their families in scotland.

Kate - I've added a link to your home site to "educate" RR members. It may help but please remember that we are very good and giving stupid responses to posts which appear to be nothing more than SPAM.

Assuming this is correct then it might also help if one of the Forum Administrators / Moderator could confirm it so we can all support them by completing surveys.

Thanks SF, they are the modern name for the Earl Haig Fund which has run the poppy appeal in Scotland since it started after WW1.

An observation, is that it is amazing just how such well meaning things can get off on the wrong foot by asuming evvery one knows who and what they are. I have just watched, and I must admit taken part, in a similar 'discussion' on another set of forums where similarly some one jumped in seaking support for a worthwhile cause and got accused of all sorts because he didn't explain whom he represented and what they were doing properly.

Now I was born not far from the Earl Haig Poppy Factory in Edinburgh so did know who they were and was happy completing the survey, but I can see how those in the sunny south could get confused.


War Hero
No reason to doubt the legitimacy and spirit of the survey. Maxi and SF (upper case) have done the PV. It's also on ARRSE and hasn't attracted any hostile/wrong end of the stick posts (either that or PTP has binned them).

This may be better off in the 'Afterlife' forum.
We have extended the deadline for our employment survey to Friday 12th December.

Thanks to everyone who has filled the survey in.

Your views are important so please take five minutes to answer some questions as part of our research.

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