Fiji Delights

Discussion in 'History' started by Billy Q, Nov 28, 2015.

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  1. We were in and out of Suva regularly. On one accasion we were there for about a month with problems. I showed a very pretty Fijian girl, carrying various documents , to our Ships Office.

    Back then, only Europeans and selected mixed races met socially. Late, one night ,when I came out from such a do, this same most attractive girl was waiting and approached me. I have some beer and food she said can we go to the beach for a swim? We went. A couple of nights later after a dance, she was there again with beer and snacks. We skinny dipped and whatever and the next night at another location she was there again. I must be Gods Gift I thought to have had these delights on a plate. We then sailed and several years later, retired in Somerset, the Central Heating Engineers' Boss came to check on the work his men had done. He saw a photograph of me at the Queens Birthday Parade in Suva and we talked. He had been a British Army Officer in the High Commission in Fiji and explained just what that pretty Fijian girl had been up to.

    Schools were segregated then-- European , Mixed race and Fijian. He explained that she and her husband--she would have had one-- wanted a mixed race child who would attend the rather better European/Mixed Race School -- and all her future pure Fijian siblings would automatically follow.
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  2. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    A great 'trapping' story ... spoilt.
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  3. Had we not had that plumbing done and that Brown Job Officer had kept his mouth shut, I could have gone on fooling myself of my irresistibility
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  4. A bit late now but you could have charged Stud Fees!
  5. You never said if she got pregnant or not, there may be a half English, half Fijian prop forward looking for you!!
  6. That was the trouble with being in the navy we were never anywhere long enough to see if we even got our deposit back.
    Thank God!
  7. That was a benefit, not a drawback :)
  8. I always wondered if I would get a knock on the door one day and some stranger greets me with hello dad?
  9. Followed by a knock on the head by Mrs Sumo :)
  10. No need for me to hide. He will shortly be getting his State Old Age Pension (If Fiji has such a thing)
    Should my off-spring be a "she" and the Polynesian Female Wrestling Champion--Still no need to worry--She's already drawing hers.

    Tempus Fugit
  11. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I plead the 5th. :D
  12. She found some of my gronk boat photos when we first met, she was not impressed, she tried to slam them as being ugly and other female put downs, she showed the pics to her mother asking her what she though, mother-in-laws say they are all very beautiful women, not what she wanted to here, she had found my pics from the States, Windies, Brazil and Africa, she apologised years letter for destroying the pics and what was after all my life as Jack the lad before I met her.
    :rolleyes: other evidence my Lord went walk about
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  13. grand jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in .....
    Not if you were in the naval forces.

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