Fighting etiquette..Headbutts just wrong?!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by sceadugenga, Apr 11, 2010.

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  1. In training this week, two lads both of a combative nature ended up squaring upto each other. One of them stuck the head on the other breaking his nose. Everyone about flew into a moral outrage along the lines of 'Punches are okay but headbutts are just scummy'... This is ridiculous.

    Now as far as I'm concerned all's fair in love and war (and scrapping with non-mates!), the headbutts was perfectly within the rules, he didn't follow it up attacking the now essentially beaten opponent, so where is the 'scumminess' there? It's a perfectly intelligent option if it must come down to violence, sneaky and a killer blow if pulled off correctly.

    What do you think? Over the top? Was Mr Headbutt an utter bounder and a cad or was he just doing the necessary thing to protect himself?
  2. If you square up you should be ready to go.

    I hate blokes who push each other and get in each others faces with no intention of having a scrap, if you're going to act the hard man then do it. I can't stand the "Hold me back" brigade.

    Therefore; headbutts are perfectly acceptable in the art of fistycuffs.
  3. Perfectly acceptable;

    Win first. fight later
  4. Agreed, unless it's a Scot, in which case its scummy.

    It is a particularly good method of dealing with that breed of idiot who decides to 'get in you face' to intimidate you. A slight nod of the head is all it takes typically.

  5. Aaaaahh...the aged skill of what should be referred to as the 'Glesca Kiss'....the prerequisite (or end of) a good rammy..... 8)
  6. Speaking as a SCOT who has had to Take to taxi driving to make a crust

    ... Head butting is acceptable - in fact any defensive maneouver is acceptable - especially if they're trying to slash you with a Stanley.

    Sorry I dont make your Criteria for an "acceptable" Head butt Jonno

    .... You Fuckwit
  7. With repect to fighting etiquette, use of all and every body part is acceptable. Therefore IMHO no it's not wrong. perhaps the other's were muttering because their preferred winner was dropped so easy?
  8. A swift kick in the knackers followed by a knee in the face as you opponent bends over to clutch his privates used to be enough. These days though it's all about getting in the other bloke's face with the "Oh yeah"s so, in these circumstances a headbutt is quite acceptable ( Marquess of Queensberry rules - amended version).
  9. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Headbutting is noble. In fact, it is even quoted in the Bible:

    Felchers: Chapter III, Verse I

    And Lo! Jesus did leave the temple and had consumed much wine, as the celebration of the Lord was mighty. At the stall of Stavrossius, the meat and bread merchant, Jesus did order a delicacy known as a Kebabble, garnished with the sauce of a hot seed. Jesus handed over payment to Stavrossius, for his enjoyment of this fare was much, and Stavrossius handed back change.

    "Thou knowest me Starvossius. I frequent your stall often with my disciples. Why have you left me two sheckles short? I giveth thou a full denari and you giveth me change for a hutu" Said Jesus.

    "Not so" sayeth Stavrossius. "Thou giveth me a hutu. I have reimbursed thou accordingly"

    And so, Jesus looked upward to Heaven, and the red mist descended. Jesus said unto Stavrossius. "Thou ist illegitimate and my vengeance will be mighty. Suture this foul being"

    And upon those words, Jesus did step forward and place his forehead, with much force, upon the nose of the merchant, whereapon Starvossius did fall to the ground, where Peter put the sandle in.

    There was much rejoicing.

    There you go. It's in black & white. It's fine to headbutt.
  10. Quality... Glad to see it's not just me then. Evidentally it is only wrong because the preferred winner went down after such a slight nod of the head!

    Apparentlly Vikings would have referred to it as the hammer of Heimdall?!
  11. Yes a good liiverpool kiss will do fine.
  12. Despite being a self confessed pansy I do find the spectacle of two or more gronks going at each other quite fascinating. In the privacy of my own home or imagination I might even bust some moves with extreme prejudice. I found this quite interesting. I can now air-butt with method.

    Yea boi


  13. Its not a fight in glasgow unless you get a glasgow kiss goodnight. so all is fine.
  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Along with your wallet removed and bottom fondled.
  15. I thought you lot just stabbed each other these days? Standards are slipping I hear.
  16. ... I'm free!
  17. Best headbutt that went wrong I ever saw was when I was on leave. I come from an Army town and during carnival day a couple of well p1ssed up pongoes were causing nause. A copper went to have a word and this squaddie dropped the nut on him.

    Unfortunately for the squaddie it was a motorbike copper and he still had his helmet on.

    Cue one spark out pongo and a copper with a red stripe down his crash helmet.

  18. I actually loled. Moral of this story : do not try and nut someone wearing a helmet with your bonce.
  19. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    The famous "stookie". A dangerous art which can lead to self injury. A few rules should be followed.

    1. Never attempt to stookie someone smaller than yourself.
    2. Always go for the area below the forehead, inflicts more damage.

    Two styles involved. The nod, which intails the bending the neck back and slamming the forehead down. Or the driver. Lowering yourself usually by bending the knees and driving yourself straight in.

    Here ends the lesson, batter in. :headbang:

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