Fighter controller or Air traffic controller??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by elchaz, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,
    Ive got an informal meeting with an ACLO on Tuesday, I know it comes across better if you have a clear-cut aspiration for a particular 'branch'/job. Im in a bit of a muddle as I dont know what the key differences are between FC's and ATC's ( no doubt this sounds pretty stuiped!?) and on which one to set my cross-hairs at. Could anyone help me out?? Plus what is the competition like in going for either of the jobs ie. fierce or weak?

    Cheers people,

    Oh and just quickly, are there conditions on doing a University cadetship? If yes, what are they?
  2. From what i've heard they will bite your arm off if you've got the maths to do ATC
  3. FC is a junior watchkeeper job who'll serve in CVS, Type 42, and presumably T45 as well as shore jobs with the Harrier force. It's a step towards being a PWO with the usual route being PWO to Anti Air Warfare Officer (AAWO).

    ATC is more of a career choice, serving in CVSs and air stations and at Swannick. Limited opportunities for sea-time and a narrow promotion route.

    FCs can also serve on exchange with the RAF and potentially go into the AWACs force.

    Fighter Control is about working with the fighters during their patrols, Air Traffic control is about air safety.

    The comparison is kind of summed up with ATCs keep aircraft apart, FCs bring them together.
  4. Ah cheers for that! Yes, I think Fighter controller is the route im going to aim for, thanks again.
  5. I have been through the Joint Air Traffic Controllers Course at RAF Shawbury and can provide info on this should you need it. I was on the RAF side of life, but the courses are tri-service so this shouldnt matter. Do bear in mind that both ATC and FC have an extremely high course fail rate (only 60% of my ATC course passed). Whilst I am not trying to put you off either disciplines (both are skilled jobs very different from the more mainstream 'management' branches) do be wary and ensure you do your homework before committing!!!
  6. To expand on what has been said already

    ATC is a career - you join as an ATC officer, for which you will be trained and employed as such.

    FC is a sub specialisation of the Warfare branch in the same way as Hydrography/Meteorology (HM) and Mine Clearance Diver (MCD) - You join as a Warfare officer and may be selected to specialise as FC. This is not guaranteed and if you are selected and get through the training you will maybe only have a couple of appointments as an FC before you are being sent on PWO course

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