Fightdeck surcoats

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Joe_Crow, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. I have loads of NSNs for surcoats, but unfortunately nothing which tells me which colours they relate to. Can someone please point me in the right direction, or tell me the numbers for red ones.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. BR 2170 vol 5?
  3. :scratch: Erm..... ask a Dusty ?? or check the 320D (does is still exist with all these cutbacks ??)

  4. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of BR2170 Vol 3. (Vol 5 is 'Advancement and Training Requirements'.) But thanks anyway, I might have to find someone with a copy.

    Already asked, and yes BR320 is still around, now in digital format, and it's where I got the big long list of numbers from (without details of colour) in the first place.
  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    How about ordering one of each NSN with the description field filled in as "Flight Deck Surcoat - RED"; if the JDs are switched on they'll pick up your error and come back to clarify, alternatively you'll have a master reference list of colours vs NSNs for future reference!
  6. Try looking on a real flight deck, there were eleven when i joined up, the colours have not changed.Or have i got the thread wrong?
  7. thats because you were always drinking brasso thru a straw you could only do one job - put fuel in or clean the back end.

    nowadays we are more technically competent so we do more than one job.

    unfortunately the RAF are still circa 1960 RN when it comes to jobs
  8. If you are a serving member, go on the "INTRAnet" defence net, search for clothing JSP and you will find them in there.
  9. Sorry I meant Eleven Aircraft Carriers, more than one Job? what do you do exactly?
  10. sorry i understand you now--you must have been grrrrrrrrreat doing those 40 cab launches on your own
  11. And your job is?
  12. eeeeeerm well eeeeeeeerm - i sit behind a desk churning out [email protected] - alright you win that argument,

    however i'll get you one day
  13. During my time on flight decks, surcoat colours were;
    Yellow= AH Marshaller (Chockheads)
    Blue = AH Tractor team --:--

    White with black centre stripe = Flight deck Stoker (Badger)
    Red with black center stripe = Armourer (Air) (Bombheads)

    White = A/c Engineer Supervisory rate (Grubbers)
    Brown = AE (AEM or whatever you call them these days) --:--
    Green = Air Leckky. Also a variant, Green with a Blue(?) center stripe Avionics. (Greeny and Pinky)

    On the old Commando carriers, Bulwark and Albion, an additional Surcoat was worn by the Flight deck Assault supply teams Usually fisheads and Booties, Red with a white center stripe.

    However, just before I left the mob, I noticed that these Surcoats were becoming popular with the General service to denote jobs for various duty watches and HQ1 patrols in particular.

    I stand by to be corrected.

  14. spot on oppo :thumright: Even The great Field Gunner/ Spanner Spencer The Jumbo driver wore Brown ( LAM ae ) AED flight deck party :thumright:
  15. You forgot
    Green with a Blue centre stripe AEM(R) or pinky.
    White with a RED cross (MA)
  16. I forgot as well Slim!! Just grabbed the last one that was left . When you went on watch from the AED messdeck :thumright: Only saw the white with red cross when someone had banged out !!
  18. Slim, yup I forgot the Doc's surcoat, but not the Pinky.

    [/quote]Green = Air Leckky. Also a variant, Green with a Blue(?) center stripe Avionics. (Greeny and Pinky)
  19. Thanks for the advice. A search for 'clothing jsp' turned up JSP 768 which gave me what I was looking for. Thanks very much.

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