Field Gunning to return?

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Deckhead_Inspector, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Ok, so I know we have Brickfields but if the Royal Tournament makes a come back, as has been recomended today. Would The proper competition come back with it? Please say yes! ( I understand all the gear is in storage and the know how is not dead, yet.)
  2. ooooh yes please

    can i cover all my oppos work whilst he flexes around the fleet.

    there again it cant be that hard

    nibblers anyone
  3. The RN and other services do not have enough manpower to carry put their present day duties.
    I cannot see a day when the Royal Tournament returns, the FGC in all its glory has gone forever.
    I'm not a pessimist, however i am a realist.
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  4. Let's hope time can be found!

    FAA still need to reclaim their trophy...!
  5. yep, just what we need, you fellow oppo feckin off for a few months and you cover his ass. Great idea
  6. With all these ships like HMS NOttingham tied up alongside the wall there should be enough people!

    I would love to see the FGR return but sadly todays RN seems to look on it as a thing of the past and therefore something that nobidy even dare talk about anymore.

    Agree however that IF it was to make a return there is a finite time in which it would be safe or possible to make it happen.

  7. Catch 22, if there were enough people, there would be less need to tie ships up alongside ;)
  8. Return? Then why am i seeing posters all over calledonia about joining the field gun team?
  9. Suspect that they're for the Brickwoods junket, rather than real field gun, which you can probably find somewhere on YouTube (haven't got time to look). People having their heads stapled together and carrying on, or losing a couple of fingers.

    Incidentally, I'm sure there were a few that couldn't quite let it go turning the guns over on Southsea beach in the middle of the night by the light of their car headlights a few years back.....

    Suppose you have to admire their commitment, although prbably at the same time as questioning their sanity.
  10. Ray Ewings and Jock Doig spring to mind

  11. The bottom line is those from the upper deck cannot take part. Most standfast Dave Newbury and a few other seniors do not get it. It will not return without sponsorship. As for covering for me while I was manning the loops it made up for me carrying you poofs for the other 2 1/2 years in the 3 year cycle of field gunning.
  12. nibbler

    you should know better
  13. Yeah i cant see people being released from units for months at a time to take part in things like the royal tornament.
    Its pritty much the reserve of boxing now that people manage to really dodge sea/wars. And even that is becombing less.

  14. I have been following this on here and other sites. I have to agree, although it would be good to see it coming back, Field Gun, Royal Tournament, etc, because of the manpower restraints, it would be a near impossible thing.

    I can remember doing the Tournament as a display, and as behind the scenes. It is really unbelievable how many personnel are required for this long period. Field Gun is virtually a whole year out of service.

    Regards, Chris
  15. Am i missing something?.. I hear what youre saying about Royal Tournament but field gun aint dead yet.
    Im on LET's course at Sultan and the buggers are out training three times a day at the moment. I know this because the f*ckers laid out their track right across my path to class. Theyve also got a quarter of the galley cordoned off, so that they can eat their scran while sweating profusely. The inter-command competition is at Collingrad in June i believe.
    By the looks of it health and safety hasnt caught it yet. Theres still lots of testosterone, shouting and sweat, with no sign of fork lifts slinging the barrel etc..

  16. Correct me if I am wrong, but that Field Gun was called the Whitbread Field Gun, a sort of junior version of the Area Field Gun. The Field Gun teams were, Portsmouth, Devonport and the Fleet Air Arm.

    Regards, Chris

  17. What you are witnessing is not the Fielg Gun Competition but a watered down version of it. The mini version was also around at the same time as the FGC and in my day was sponsered by Brickwoods brewery, possibble the worst beer in the country.
  18. shippers
    i too am at Sultan and enjoy watching the blue peter FG once in a while. rest assured thatthis is not the real FG (i've never run and i certainly aint no gunny bunny) but have watched it several times and worked at tournament so i know the difference.

    a works colleague is running at Sultan so i cant wait for him too bite back
  19. Two Clips Two Pins

    Just keep yer nut down. Even back in the times of Yore why do you think there was never a submariners Field Gun Team.

    1. We were never fit. (The bastards can make you fit)

    2. We were never stupid enough, unlike skimmers and Airey Fairies, to volunteer for all that pain and effort. (They can't make you stupid)

    Selection seemed to be, run, fall down knackered, get up run some more, fall down and spew up. Them that got up and ran again to fall down and spew again were IN them that did not were OUT. It is all about commitment to pain and exhaustion neither items that submariners wish to voluntary take part in.

    Its like climbing a huge dangerous mountain in deepest winter



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