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Field Gun.


Hi all,

I was wondering if there are any ex-field gunners on this site who could tell me more about the fitness training they undertook. I am, purely for personal interest, looking at sports which have a unique heritage, and are not widely played so things like the Wall Game and Harrow football to see how the training behind these sports differs from more usual games such as rugby and soccer.

I found a most interesting video called, To the limit and beyond, which gives an exellent insight in to field gunners lives but little about the specific fitness training.

I would be really grateful to hear from field Guners what sort of distances they completed for their CV training and what sort of weight work they did in the gym. Sets/rps, that sort of thing. The guy in the video talks about "track fit" and it seems the trianing must have been split in to seasons.

thanks very much,


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