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Field Gun


Hi all. Apologies this is not a current affairs one but I could not see a fitness forum, so I guess I am opening myself up to a wealth of abuse for being a gym queen but here goes!

I am trying to find out more about the type of fitness training undertaken by field gunners and am not having much luck on the internet.

So, if there are any ex Field Gunners on this site who can tell me what sort of training you did, ie, did it involve a mixture of strength and stamina training, or did you do drop sets, did you aim for sets of eight or five, how many reps, all that sort of stuff, i would be incredibly grateful.

Thanks in advance.
During Royal Tournament days, the best exercise that the Gun Crews seem to have was chasing beefers at full tilt down the Earls Court Road after the final show.

Nick , just seen the adverts go out for interested parties to contact the organisers for a spot of training hoicking Guns about.

Trying to remember where I saw the flyers....

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