Field Gun Disgrace

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by hookyh, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. This has really gripped my sh*t!

    A few years ago after the demise of the Royal Tournament, the RNR, courtesy of the legendary 'Grassy' took up Field Gun in order to participate in the Birmingham Tattoo at the national Indoor Arena (held in November each year). This was stopped after 2002 due to budget restrictions and unwillingness to allow further participation for several rumoured reasons passed down from CMR.

    I've recently seen the advertising poster for this years Tattoo and find that the RAF and the Army are now competing in the Field Gun Comp against each other without any RN participation at this event. This isn't a slur on either of the two services involved, fair play to them, but is there anyone else who thinks it's embarrassing and disgusting that the service who's greatest traditions include this very event has no participation.

    By the way, this isn't a small event. It runs over several performances during a whole weekend and attracts sell-out audiences to the NIA (where they film Gladiators) for each performance, so it's not a sea cadet open day. It's something that really puts the RN/RNR on the map and into the general public's eye, show's us in a great light and continues a proud tradition.
  2. That's fcuking outrageous! :pissed:
  3. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I understand your point, but is what you're referring to really a big enough spectacle for such an event. Brickwoods has it's place in the RN with field gun day at Collingrad, but I suspect that put on show at the suggested venue Joe Public may feel seen off going to see field gun as he remembers it from the Royal tournament and seeing a lesser version.
  4. Yes, if it's there we ought to be represented. However, it's not real rield gun and so I can't get too excited about not having it. Good effort on the part of Grassy though- 'specially if he's the one I'm thinking of who I worked with on the T200 IPT.
  5. Yeah, I remember this being started up in HMS FORWARD and it was a brilliant thing to be part of - good for morale, team building, advertising and promotion, unit esprit de corps etc etc etc.

    Never was quite sure why it was stopped - can someone confirm the rumours and, if proved to be a CMR decision (can't remember which CMR it would have been back then) perhaps this should be reflected on the "are we getting enough support from senior officers" thread
  6. RNR.... volunteers... Field Guns... health and safety... MOD liability... taxpayers money going in compensation...

    I can see why, however short-sighted it may have been. :roll:

    Right, on with my teflon lid.......
  7. Mmmm - Fair points all round guy's, but if it's happening surely the navy has to be involved somewhere down the line.

    On a positive note it's great to see that we're now represented at the Brickwood's competition itself. Big up's to Grassy again i believe!
  8. Does it? - frigging standeasy field gun nonsense - if it's worth doing it's worth doing properly - unfortunately those days are long gone :tp:
  9. Absofeckinlutely!
    That Brickwoods b-lox is a fecking joke.
  10. The RN had to sell their cannon as scrap so the Brown could prop up the banks.
  11. Go try it before passing remarks.....the guys are not pros at it and they have a short time to prepare for the runs

    Well done those that have a go :thumright:
  12. Lets face it the brickwood comp i NOTHING AT ALL LIKE the royal tournament and they only trained and selection was from around febfuary time in the same year !!
  13. Lets be honest, you cannot and must not really compare Brickwoods with the Royal Tournament Field Gun, but its all we have left now. Its still very much a teamwork and good ethos building event and should be supported in my view.

    Also, there are plenty of ex Command guys who now run Brickwoods and enjoy it and come back year after year, so it cannot be all bad surely.

    To go back to the original post, it does feel wrong to have this type of event with all its Royal Naval history and yet NO Royal Navy taking part.
  14. Not having a dig at those who do take part - more power to ur elbow - i am sure in byegone days many of you/them would have been successful at "proper field gun" - i was just bemoaning the fact that we have lost what was a great spectacle as well as being superb P.R. for the Mob
  15. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Lamri / angli,
    I'm no supporter of Brickwoods at all, but:
    1. It gives enjoyment to many; crews and spectators.
    2. It gets people doing something physical.
    3. It gives people a chance for socials.
    4. Helps team building etc.
    5. It is all we have left of a great tradition.
    I agree it cannot compare to command gun, but for all the reasons stated above it must be encouraged and allowed to flourish before the powers that be axe it for whatever reason they see fit when that time undoubtedly arrives (health and safety/manning/money etc).
  16. Funny you should mention H & S tiddlyoggy. Last year I was the buffer for Collingwood crew. Too old to do much else these days :)

    Anyway, they actually brought in a team to carry out risk assessement on the noise of the shells being fired and also the thunderflash.

    Upon completion of their findings they deemed that the decibels were too high when the 3 shells were fired and therefore the crew were told to wear ear defenders for each run, either practice or actual. Cannot remember the actual figures quoted, but I do know the shells were around 1db over, but the thunderflash went off the scale. ;-)

    How long until the powers that be make the crews run in hard hats, high vis jackets and magloop ear duffs. :) Or of course, bin altogther as it is deemed far too dangerous to all taking part.
  17. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I wish I could say I'm surprised!
  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Can't have running - too dangerous with all that gear and excess weight around; to make sure that no-one is overwhelmed by excess momentum in any of the equipment you'll have to ensure that your team doesn't exceed the pace of a lame three legged tortoise... and as for noise, all that shouting will have to stop, or alternatively we'll need to issue ear defenders to the audience too!

    Why do the H&S loonies do so much to undermine themselves? I'm a safety engineer and speaking personally I believe risk is healthy - the important thing is understanding the level of risk and making an informed decision whether to proceed. The H&S jobsworths however, seem to believe that risk is bad and should be avoided at all costs and that Joe Public is too stupid to make decisions for themselves.
  19. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    "Why do the H&S loonies do so much to undermine themselves? I'm a safety engineer and speaking personally I believe risk is healthy - the important thing is understanding the level of risk and making an informed decision whether to proceed. The H&S jobsworths however, seem to believe that risk is bad and should be avoided at all costs and that Joe Public is too stupid to make decisions for themselves."

    A far too common sense approach for the RN old friend! You wouldn't believe some of the things asked at ship's investigations, indeed, some of the things investigated. Engineering judgement/experience/expertise will soon be worthless. If you don't follow the SOP in the BR, stand by! (and if the BR doesn't cover the exact circumstance of the specific scenario, which is often the case, well then you're f*****)
  20. An aside, apols......I knew a guy who followed the BR to the letter and something quite big fell out of the bottom of the boat. He survived the investigation.....the book had missed the serious bit out!!!

    The boat survived as well, but a bit wet and expensive

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