Field gun competition history

Although familiar with the Field Gun Competition from my time in the mob details of its origins make real Boys' Own sort of reading of times when the mob was hard yakka. Imagine what these blokes did, moving away from their familiar environment almost a commando type enterprise, incredible stuff.

The display in its present form was started in 1912, inspired by the exploits of the Navy during the Boer War in 1899.

In South Africa relations between the Dutch in the Transvaal, the Orange State, the British in the Cape and Natal deteriorated after trying to resolve the problems arising form the massive influx of immigration as a result of the discovery of gold in the Transvaal. Both sides moved forces to their mutual borders, the British forces in Natal numbered less than just over 15,000 whilst the Transvaal Burgher army alone totalled over 26,000. A decision to despatch more than 10,000 troops to South Africa from home and abroad was made in London. The Transvaal Government responded to this major troop movement with an ultimatum issued on the 9th October, with a time limit of two days, that all British forces were to withdraw from the borders of the Transvaal and all the troops which had landed since the previous June were to be moved from South Africa and those on their way from overseas were not to be landed. Two days later on the 11th October 1899 at 5pm war was declared and the Boers invaded

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