Field Gun 100 - What a farce!

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by pinky_faggot, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. I am not against the Field Gun competition at all. Far from it, I think it is a fine tradition we have within the RN and should remain. I do however, have a real problem with the lack of planning and preparation for the 100th Anniversary of this fine competition!! Four weeks is the length of time given to create what should be the biggest competitve event in the armed forces since the Royal Tournament - an utter disgrace! :pukel: But in time-honoured '' management of events the guys have pretty much pulled it off (all will be seen tomorrow!!)
    Although it was advertised on Ticketmaster, that was it really!! I won't be suprised if there are more staff and Field Gunners than paying guests!!
  2. Especially at the price they are asking for tickets
  3. I am sure someone else on here knows a bit more but having worked with some of the people (and assisted in previous years) who have organised it, the planning and organisation has been going on for a lot longer than 4 months, just because it is not visible does not mean that it isn't happening !!

    To give you some idea, generally the planning for the next field gun day starts about 2 weeks after the previous one with a wash up and lessons learnt type meeting.

    And if you think you could organise it better why not jump on the committee that is organising it, I am sure the relevent people would welcome a willing volunteer with open arms.
  4. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I had a look at the set-up this morning at Collinggrad-it seems to be okay. I don't know what p_f is whinging about-just because you can't see the preps that goes into this doesn't mean that nothing is being actioned!
  5. Totally agree, there is a hell of a lot of work done "behind-the-scenes" for this type of thing, usually starting many many months prior to the event.
  6. well the day i started course at cwood was about 5 or 6 weeks ago. and there were plenty of visable signs then.and wen i left 2 weeks agao they were well on there way so i dont no what hes talking about.
  7. Newgate Lane Asda is full of muscle bosuns in field gun crew t-shirts and there's plenty of signage etc around so some organisation must ahve taken place. The local radio have been plugging it for weeks no mention of ticket prices anywhere though
  8. Having seen the behind the scenes work happen (and helped with some of it!), I can assure anyone doubting me that the real prep work started about 4wks ago when the command level guidance was issued - I saw it! Yes the advertising started before that, but the buggers rush that has happened in the last 4wks to beg borrow and steal gun/missile/helicopter bits from around the country has been amazing! Every bit of WE equipment not nailed down in classrooms has been moved to public displays around the establishment. I do not come on this site to moan about things I have no knowledge what so ever. These are facts, like it or not. Likely, through a shed load of very hard work, the guys might pull it off - although paying several grand for that pathetic model of Dreadnought by the front gate just adds to my arguement!
  9. Are we talking about "The" Fieldgun competition? The one that used to take 9 months training and much blood, sweat and tears? Are you telling me they(?) have done it in 4 weeks?
    Or is it some sort of Brickwoods thingy?
  10. I am talking about Brickwoods (not the original FG). They started the training and planning for the track racing ages ago, like they normally do. I'm talking about the extra bits - the red arrows, the side shows, the sh*t model of dreadnought etc etc. The rest is as well planned as it has ever been, but the target to get 20,000 people into Collingwood to watch will struggle to happen mainly due to the fact that not enough time has been taken to organise this anniversary event - not like they haven't had 99 yrs notice!!!!!!!!
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I think PF has a point.

    For example, if you want DNR "Assets" (interactive vehicles & the like), an RM Band etc., you need to plan 2 years in advance to be sure of getting what you want, otherwise all the stuff has been allocated to military shows up and down the country.

    It's no good publicising an event nationally 4 weeks away, hoping to sell enough tickets to break even. Navy Days is a good example of getting enough assets in the right place.
  12. NS,
    Extactly my point. Even things like the 1SL conference take at least a year to plan and get right and that doesn't involve trying to persuade the general public to part with £40 for a family ticket!!
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Even though I'm not a huge fan of Field Gun, I still respect those that are, particularly in the wake of Earls' Court version of Field Gun.

    It's rather sad that that an excellent RN Showpiece (akin to the Red Arrows) has been reduced to what it now is & to my mind starved of the necessary publicity to make it succeed & continue to exist. From a recruiting perspective, it is a very positive public image to project.
  14. If my memory serves me correct the FG Royal T show was arranged by a PR company(Event Managers) and that the RN pumped loads of dosh into it. In CWD, my understanding is that the day was primarily organised by a committee headed up by a Lt Cdr (you know, the ones that do not do anything in the RN!!. These chaps have no commercial experience in Event managemnet and therefore what they have a achieved, given the lack budget and training is nearly short of amazing. However, all those who think they can do better are probably welcome to contact CWD to start planning for next year.
  15. fanakerpan this somes up the RN to a tee. We bring in consultants to advise us on something they no f` all about and that we do, then when we need specialists in an area we have little experience we utilise a 2 1/2 without a clue.
    The Royal Tournament always returned a profit for Service charities as it was heavily sponsored and had a UK wide appeal, Brickwoods does not have his appeal and at £15 to watch will remain so.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hmmn, you'd think with all that spare time on his/her Head Honcho hands doing nothing, they'd at least make a go of asking a man that can! :scratch:

    It is indeed rather sad & ironic that once again financial constraints could actually lead to an event losing more money than is being spent organising it.

    To be fair, the "can do" attitude which still prevails will probably make it a success. I sincerely hope so & I'm certainly not knocking the efforts of those that achieve so much with so little.

    It's just a pity that the event isn't considered worthy of the money, despite it's positive imagery. Remind me again how the Red Arrows are still going?

    Or the year after that if you want the assets. :thumright:
  17. Particularly since said SO2 lurked with that particular secondary duty is bound to be in-zone for promotion and can't afford to have anything less than a massively above average report.
  18. I agree entirely. My point was, that for a huge event like the 100th Anniversary of FG, a bit more prior preparation was required. I'm sure the guys pulled it off on the day, but it shouldn't have to be the bugger's rush it has been with people having to put aside their core jobs completely to make this work all because the plans weren't disseminated until 4wks before the event. O top of that, the PR for it was sh*t and very last minute.
  19. Unfortunately, said SO2 they put in charge will almost certainly never get promoted!! People in his post are normally very passed over Lt Cdrs!!

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