fiance and marital quaters.

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by mancunion2014, Nov 30, 2014.

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  1. Hello all,
    I am joining the noyal navy at the end of january as a air engineering technician once im fully fit and ready ..
    i was wondering if anybody knows what the living situations are for me and my fiance as she is worried about not being able to live with me, are we entitled to live on or off base or would we have to fully sign on the dotted line, i cant seem to find any information or get any information off anybody .so is it possible to live together if we arnt married or have any kids and we are just engaged. would we be entitled to sfa also ..
    all your help would be much appreciated and looking forward to hearing back from you all ...
  2. If you could get a quarter there are none "on base". Even at Marham they are outside the wire.

    As for moving her in the block, I'm not sure you cabin mate would be too happy

    To answer your question I don't believe you would be entitled to a quarter as you are not spliced. Sorry matey. On a lighter note well done as making into "Gods chosen trade". Don't let the fisheads on here tell you any different, it's jealousy

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  3. So what about of base how do you go about that and is that possible ?? She wouldnt mind if we could live off base she would prefer that and so would i tbh.. or is it the same terms as on base
  4. As stated above, I don't think you will be entitled to a quarter. You could rent privately.

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  5. Once you've passed Phase 1 and 2 you can happily live off base wherever you are, except when you are duty.

    How you go about it is request to live off base and rent/buy somewhere local.
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  6. So if i rent privatly how does that work would i be entitled to any of the benifits and could i go home every night when possible ?? Sorry for these daft questions its more for the misses peace of mind ..
  7. Wouldnt she be able to live with me during phase 2???
  8. I don't know what benefits you are expecting. I believe if you chose to move off you will get no home to duty ( travel pay). You will be expected to remain on board when you are duty. Weekends will be your own (duty/detachment/deployment) dependant.

    I wouldn't bother trying to rent for phase 2. I'd wait until you get to your air station. However once QM/QS on your aircraft type you could get drafted to a ship (workshops) and therefore drafted away from the air station and to Pompey/Guzz or Rosyth.

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  9. Thanks so i would basically be paying like a normal civilian if i was private renting off base .. that would be fine aslong as she could be with me .. so would it be possibke to go home in the evenings aswell?? And as for phase 2 would she be able to move down then or would it have to be after ..
  10. Or dont you get your evenings is it just weekends ???
  11. Yes you will be able to go home at night. Stinking of Avtur/Avcat

    Mrs JFH doesn't miss that

    Oh and by the way, welcome to the site. Don't be a stranger, let us know how you are getting on. My oppo will be your instructor at Sultan.

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  12. Looking forwars to the experience and the life i can create with my woman ..
    dont worry i will be on here if i need any more information as websites are very limited and the MOD information is like riddles to read lol
    Cheers for your help ..
  13. During phase 2 at Sultan, you will be expected to live on base. You will be learning 8-4 everyday and taking exams most weeks. You might be able to request to live off the base, but that is at your DO's and CO's discretion. If you are that desperate to live off base, you could privately rent in Gosport for the 6 months that your phase 2 training lasts and then move her again to either Yeovil or Culdrose. I would personally wait until I left Phase 2 and then move her close to the Airfield, once settled.
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  14. Thanks for the information there mate you have gave us both something to ponder about there.. thats the answer ive been looking for i just wish they made it more clear on websites or even the afco office should knkw a little more ..
  15. If i did rent privatly would i be coming home during phase 2 in the evenings ???
  16. If i did rent privatly would i be coming home in the evening during phase 2
  17. You're not guaranteed the time to yourself in the evenings. Weekends are free unless duty.
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  18. Thats fine .. :) random questiom but how much are private rented houses roughly if you know ..
  19. Perhaps the answer is in the title "Married Quarters"
    Training is not too long so what is the problem with doing what everyone else will be doing, living on board?
    If you partner is unable to bear being apart from you for the few months that you will be training I would question whether life in the R.N. is for you, ship deployments can be up to 9 months long, how will she/you cope?

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