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I currently have fhtb and now I currently want to leave will they accept my early termination and also is it possible to bank transfer the lump sum many thanks


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1233. Application for Early Termination, or Transfer to a Shorter Engagement. Personnel in receipt of a FHTB will not normally be granted early termination, or be allowed to apply for early termination, or transfer to a shorter engagement, unless the FHTB has been repaid in full or they have made acceptable arrangements to repay the FHTB in full. Applications for early termination must include details of any FHTB balance outstanding, plus the applicant's proposals for its repayment. A proposal to continue repaying the FHTB after discharge from the Service will not be accepted. Moreover, a promise of payment at a future date is not considered to be a firm basis for repayment. Proposals for repayment of a FHTB balance may include:

a. An immediate lump sum payment.

b. The commencement of deductions from pay, or the increase of existing deductions from pay, prior to release.

c. The recovery from any immediate terminal benefits which may be due.

d. The transfer of the outstanding balance to another Service person (see paragraph 1230); or

e. A combination of the above.

That took me about 5 minutes to find. I do hope your new career doesn't require you to be resourceful.
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