FHTB Regarding letting the property out


I’ve heard a few various rumours regarding this and would like to get this set in stone.

I’m currently purchasing a property and going to use the FHTB scheme and Civvie HTB Scheme. I understand that the purpose of the scheme is to own the property for yourself etc.
But ideally down the line I will want the rent the property out, especially if deployed etc.
When are the rules regarding this; what I currently believe and correct me if I’m wrong..

“You can purchase the property using the scheme to live in yourself, if you are deployed over 60 miles away for over 6 months, you’re able to apply for a temporary contract to let out the property (believe you have to renew it yearly if you’re still deployed away)”

I understand you’re able to get lodgers but that’s a different route and last resort.

As much information in this will be much appreciated.


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Wouldn't you be better off looking at the relevant JSP/popping into the UPO for advice? Might be quicker...
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