FHM does Raleigh

Just to give a bit of an insight on some of the more exciting aspects of training.
A reporter from FHM visited RALEIGH this summer and took on the challenge of the assault course at Pier Cellars and the DRIU.

His experience was filmed and is now available here and here.
I remember doing that prior joining Endurance and its fecking awsome, even better if you go boozing the night before cause you get told you did'nt need to do it.


Lantern Swinger
I was at pier cellars when he did the assault course! He was rubbish lol, the guy that pushed him when he got in the water got told off too. Would like it next time if they sent some females down :D
Good PR for Pusser.

I don't recall doing an obstacle course at Peir Cellers. I do recall being fcuking cold and pissed off at how dirty and ramshackle the place was. Mind you it was back in March '83 and far too much sea has passed under my bridge.
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