Ffs.. i hate being indecisive é.è

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Chris1337, Apr 10, 2010.

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  1. I wanted/have gone for marine engineering...

    I have some knowledge of engineering and think it would be a great trade to have after coming back..

    I'm starting to get this pictue that i'll be stuck below not getting to see much and being stuck below ship not getting any action when time comes just fixing and fixing...?

    I'd much prefer working on top, so i was thinking seaman specialist would be amazing, i only really want to work with the surface fleet, but i read there's a much bigger waiting list for SS so that's put me off.

    I guess it's either working for a career after or working to enjoy myself :s

    I have a really nooby question too...

    Are [SM] the only one's that get to go on submarines?
  2. You won't be stuck down below. What can go wrong with a coal bunker and steam boiler.

    You will get as much time off both watchkeeping and shoreside as anyone else. While you are off watch, you can do basically what you fancy and if the ops allow, spend all your off time up on deck.

    Now make up your mind, do you want beer or cider?

    SMs become SMs after joining boats and earning their dolphins.
  3. That's an easy one, beer, no wait cider, actually beer :D

    Basically i wanted to know because i'd really want to avoid going on a submarine.

    I think i'll stick then, though WS an WE seems so good too :S
  4. Think ahead. Good naval pension if you complete your time and good civvy pension if you join a good engineering company.
  5. I used to be indecisive, but I am not sure now!
  6. So, you are concerned about being 'stuck below not getting to see much and being stuck below ship' but have also mentioned Submarines as an option.

    Have I misread your post or are you a skip-licking dullard?
  7. Obviously misread

    That would be rather hypocritical of you. [:

    Edited for Joe: lol
  8. Doh! :D
  9. Either a very good use of a word not in common usage, or a somewhat ironic misspelling of hypocritical (not to be confused with the word hippocritical, used to describe derogatory comments made by fat blokes about fat birds).

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