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Ive bever been convinced about ASBOs but FFS look at this.....


No doubt his civil / human rights have been violated :pukel:


War Hero
Quote from Source....A 59-year-old man who went out in public dressed as a schoolgirl while children walked home from lessons

Most of the Corps have done that!!

Peter Trigger dressed up in a grey skirt and jumper, white shirt, baseball cap and a tie.....

I'm still ticking the boxes....

On several occasions he also wore a knee-length laboratory coat and appeared to be wearing nothing underneath, the authority added.

No, he beat me on that one.

He sounds like he'd be good on a run ashore, might have to keep to evening sessions though and restrict his access to Dolly Mixtures and School gates.


War Hero
R12_CV said:
Baseball cap with shirt & tie,


HTF can they get away with this!!
I know you think he'd have known it should have been a Boater for the genuine Schoolgirl look.

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