Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by wannabeaet, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. Last day of work today, I USED to work in prison. Now I am free to do as I please until Sunday where my ass will be handed over to the Royal Navy.
    This plan better work.
    I remembered to bring the cakes in, and informed those who were NOT welcome to share in the fattening feast, and I purposefully shook hands and hugged and said goodbye to the majority, carefully ignoring the few I dislike. So this weekend, boys and girls, who wants to join me down at HMS Raleigh. Never know, might be a giggle!
  2. Good luck Wannabe.
  3. I will be there in t minus 4 weeks Sunday. And if you arent at the gate waiting to greet me, well, we're over. And that photo of us you've used for your avatar can be removed.

    Neither of us want that so I shall see you then!
  4. Ditto, Enjoy yourself and have a great time, remember the good times start after Raleigh :wink:
  5. Your walking into 9 weeks of anything but freedom ;)

    Good luck, enjoy! I shall be there in 142 days!
  6. 9 weeks??? WTF
  7. As in 9 weeks training at HMS Raleigh. :?
  8. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You may want to keep that to yourself in this day and age. Still, it might stand you in good stead for promotion.

    Good luck mate. Hope you enjoy it.
  9. Thanks for the good wishes people, it's starting to slowly dawn on me! Yea Blackrat, one thing I realised the last time I spoke to my AFCO, was I had to stop myself from saying: ''we did this like this in my old job'', ''well how about this which is how we would do that'' type thing, lucky for me I'm pretty good at stopping myself from saying things I need not. I wasn't going on about my old job, just when I did mention it I felt like I was going on. On the one hand, what I HAVE done isn't entirely applicable anymore and that I should be looking forward and not try and sound like a know it all, on the other hand to keep my head down and blend in. We have 5 Dog Handlers (+ a DH Senior Officer) at work, and they have been over to HMS Sultan with their dogs, practicing and searching and whatnot on the lads there. Anyway, they were saying the number of lads who had come out of prison and YOIs was remarkable. They said that I might want to keep my job (ex-job) to myself as I may be someone they wouldn't want to associate with, until I know the lads better, you know.
    Not that I'd ever socialise or give a hoot about those sort, just be best to be amicable with people I'm sleeping and showering in the same vicinity with :).
  10. I'll come on the piss in Torpoint, but I'll draw the line at Raleigh.
  11. good luck wannabeaet!
  12. Wannabeat: Good luck mate, have a happy and 'safe' career...and remember to think of your mates before yourself, and you won't go wrong. If you don't think of your mates first THE FCKERS WILL REMIND YOU !!!!! lol.....
  13. See you on sunday wannabe, I too shall be joining Raleigh!
  14. Right, IainMcD, let's get a few things straight, I don't like you, you don't like me, but we got to get along for the next few weeks, ok?
    Don't ever mistake me as your friend, I'm just using you for my own benefit, keep out of my space and we haven't got a problem..

    Haw, haw, just joking :laughing6: you nervous? Got everything ready? Any niggles about things you're not sure about?!
    I think it will all be straight forward, we will all be in the same boat, all equal levels of worthless shit, and in the deep end for the duration :wink: .
  15. Well, it promises to be an interesting 9 weeks!

    Got almost everything, just getting my very best pair of undies washed, which coincidentally are almost my very worst. Also, yes I'm nervous, infact shitting bricks would be a pretty apt description of my current mental situation. Add to that the extreme excitement of actually getting started after an 18month wait and I'm pretty much a rollercoaster. Until I get settled at Raleigh it will probably stay that way.

    Head down, and power through the shit for 9 weeks. Short term pain, long term gain.
  16. Good luck .but arent you doing it the wrong way?.Its usualy in the andrew first then out to prison service police fireman usualy ! :D :D :?
  17. Yep pretty much, but living on the Isle of Wight, jobs are at a premium, the average wage is £22k ish, so HMPS is one of the few decent trades. Factor in pension and easy living (imo), it was a good move at the time :). It's no good for a young lad though, there's so much more to life.
    And yea, the number of ex forces in the prison service, and in prison! There are guys come up to me hearing I'm joining the RN who I never even realised were in the forces, and tell me what they did, RAF, RAF regiment, Navy, Army, Marines, the lot. I think something like 1/10 of PRISONERS in this country are ex forces too, they have started an organisation for support of them.
  18. Shit, I am almost getting nostalgic over my time at Raleigh in '64'....but not quite!!!!

    Hated the feckin place with a passion....but enjoyed my time in the mob once I had ditched the place....bite the bullet for the training stretch...then start to enjoy. :p
  19. Best your passing out "super 8" was in black and white, everybody walked really fast and the music was a piano dubbed in?
    All the gents in the crowd had top hats!
  20. Wannabeaet,

    You are about to join HM Royal Navy and, as such, become part of the Elite.
    If you wish to progress, there are only two things that you have to remember.

    1. If it moves, you salute and call it sir. And, 2, if it doesn’t move, you paint it.

    That was my experience at the G Spot in ‘54, but things may have changed a tad since then.

    Either way, I wish you all the best.


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