Few things about AET (Prep for Interview!)

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by TheAaronP, Sep 27, 2008.

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  1. Hey chaps,

    Im doing some prep, as i have my interview (passed my recruiting test -yay!) in a little over a week.

    Im reasonably confident about the role, what it involves etc, but im wondering how much depth the AFCO guys will want me to go into.

    It'd be awesome, if people could contribute snippets of information into this thread, to help me build a really good profile of what is expected and required in the interview, anything that will help me etc too.

    My understanding of the aircraft that an AET will work on are:

    Seaking Mk4 -Jungly/Marines? -Based in Yeovil
    Seaking Mk5 -Search + Rescue? -Based in Culdrose
    Seaking Mk7 -'Eyes in the Sky', Early warning etc. -Based in Culdrose

    Lynx -Based in Yeovil?

    Merlin -Anti Sub Warfare -Based in Culdrose?

    Harriers -Based at Whittering and theres one other place, right?

    JSF -possibly to come into service when our two new Carriers appear? Info on this one would be awesome.

    SuperLynx -I dont have very much information about this one, but heard it is something coming in the future, and will be one of the options available to AET's.

    The training process (that im aware of) is:

    9 Weeks at HMS Raleigh (although i heard they might be increasing it to 10?)

    Phase 2a training at Sultan, which is the Defence college of aeronautical engineering (?), where you learn the basics of flight etc, this lasts 6 months.

    Then onto Phase 2b training, this will be at an Airstation where it will last for 23 weeks (including 4 weeks Av/Mech?), you will be working on your preferred aircraft (assuming you were lucky enough to get your choice) which will be at the relevent base, ie Yeovil, Culdrose etc.

    My understanding is that you work to a task book for that 23 weeks, finally taking your QS and then QM. Sign/Maintain.

    After this you do a minimum of 6 months consolidation (?). Ive heard that this is often up to one year.

    After that its my understanding that you then do your Front Line Draft for 2 years.

    If ive missed anything out, i'd be most greatful if someone could let me know!


    Im going to make a list of our current deployments, which ships are generally associated with the type of aircraft we have also.

    Ive also been told, that you require a good understanding, of essentially, 'The Navy', to which i have been researching and if anyone has any resources i can tap into, any websites etc i would again be greatful.


    Just want to make sure i know everything i need to know for my interview, i dont want to leave a single thing to chance.

    You're input would be really helpful, especially from anyone who is currently an AET, looking to enter as one or has retired from being one!

  2. Has anyone any input into this? Mr Ninja, Mario? :)
  3. Hi,

    Your interview is really split into 2 parts.

    The first part is about you, covering Home life, Education, Work and spare time activities. This is the time for you to sell yourself to the careers advisor. You should know all about yourself, so make sure you think through what things will help sell yourself during the interview.

    The second part is to find out if you know the selection process. Do you understand the training you will undergo at HMS Raleigh, Sultan and your first airstation. Have you got an idea of what your job will involve. Have you an idea about the FAA and what they do including the types of aircraft. You will also asked about the terms and conditions of service i.e. Pay, Leave and contract details.

    Good sources of info:-





    There is also plenty of info on passing your interview already on this site if you search for it.

    Hope this all helps you


    Neil - Supermario

  4. Love that video Ninja! :)

    Thanks for the links, on with more research for me!
  5. ..Surely it was mario, not ninja?

    Are Mario and Ninja the same person?! :S
  6. No we're both recruiters. One in the south and one in the North of England.


  7. Ah, alright.
  8. You are spot on mate. You will piss the interview because you have put in the effort before hand. All they ask you is what is the navys newest bit of kit, what the fleet air arm's (gods branch) newest bit of kit, future kit. Where you are going to be based. What sort of things do wafus do, sevicing, routine maintainance and stuff like that.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    ...and one of us is good looking. :thumright:
  10. Lol oops, that was supposed to be for Mario, but i had Ninja on my brain? Figure that one out for yourselfs!

    Thanks for the links thus far chapos! :)
  11. We might be wafus but we aint the raf. Chaps is for crabfats.
  12. Hmm ok, ive always said chap, lol, i guess i'll stop that then.

  13. Had my AET interview a month or so ago and youve pretty much covered all the bases I did. Check navy news for current deployments etc but sounds like your good to go.
  14. Good stuff mate congrats on passing your interview! Anything you reckon i should add? I bought a copy of Navy News so will get straight onto that.
  15. Not really much you can add. They just want to check youve done your homework and looked at the trade you want to join. One thing you may have overlooked is the contract you sign, and how long you sign for, at what point can you decide its not for you and quit etc. Check up on that, but other than that just be yourself.

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