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Hi, at the moment I'm seriously considering applying for the navy but not until I get my fitness up, I'm well off what's required and wouldn't waste anyone's time.

At the moment I'm still a bit unsure what role I want to apply for, as I am not applying anytime soon would the careers office still talk to me about this decision? The only reason I ask is its a fair distance to travel to the CO?

Also I suffer with IBS, it's easily controlled with medication every now and again and leaving out majorly obvious food options that are no good, would this hinder my chances of joining or would it not be a problem?


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Welcome. You don't need to make an appointment to visit your AFCO but it's worth giving them a call also, if you live a few miles away. (AFCO link in signature block).

As a rough rule of thumb you need to be completely free from medication & specialist dietary needs cannot be guaranteed. Ultimately the Doctor conducting the medical will give definitive advice but I have a feeling IBS will be an issue. It maybe worth PM-ing @nemesis1066 for a bit of clarification. Good luck.
Most people I've seen posting on here have had a wait of at least 18 months, and nothing like a deadline to make you get on and improve your fitness! :) Definitely speak to a careers office as they can give you an idea of the likely wait you'll have then you'll know if you want to apply yet or wait longer.


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Ninja is completely right about your IBS being an issue. An active condition, requiring medication or not is likely to result in an Unfit outcome. Also, with IBS there is often a relation to food triggers and / or stresss. Given the sometimes unpredicatable, and unknown, parts of Service catering, plus the fun activities we get upto in Service can led to unexpected results. These may limit your effectiveness in your job, which can cause problems to you, your team, unit or ship and maybe even the operation you are on.

Apologies for the direct reply, but I would hate for you to be misled.
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