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I've been on here for a while and taken note of all the sound advice that has been posted on here previously.
I have my AIB at the end of this month, hopefully to go in as a Logistics Officer and have a few questions that I have tried to email my ACLO but have had no response for a while so was wondering if someone on here could answer them for me on here.
Here goes:
Firstly in regarding ship information how much detail is it necessary to learn i.e. Am I required to know engines, speed, crew size, weapons. I can identify ship types and their roles and where they operate but was wondering how much detail is necessary.

Also the training pipeline how much in depth information is necessary? I know from BRNC the different phases, IST, Advanced Training, Passing Out phase, Common Fleet Time, Fleet Board Examination, then 12 weeks Logistics Course at HMS Raleigh.

I have also read that I cannot wear my contact lenses during my time at AIB is this still correct?

Cheers all for any advice that could be given



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A few pointers for Logistics Officer

You should have a basic weapon & propulsion knowledge (ie: T23, Seawolf, Harpoon, 4,5" Gun, Lynx helicopter & it's weapons etc.,) defence procurement awareness, an outline of the defence budget. Experience at controlling a budget is of benefit also.

Your training knowkledge appears to be about right.

You CAN wear contact lenses at AIB.

Good luck.
Cheers thanks for the swift reply, I've bought several books and have enough literature so I'll give them a going over to learn that info then.
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