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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by bombquad, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    I've decided I'm going to join the RNR. what would my next step be? Should I visit my local AFCO first or the next Recruiting Acquaint Evening? Also when I start my initial training at HMS Raleigh will I be with other new recruits from my unit?
  2. There is stacks of information on this site mate, open your eyes, use a bit of savvy and hunt it out. Failing that PM ninjastoker as he is one of those AFCO type blokes!!

    Good luck

  3. Contact your nearest unit, and go the the open night (no point going to the AFCO if you don't like the Unit).

    You will go to Raleigh with some of your NE intake, depending on the make up and if you go on the same fortnight. However, you will make some good oppos from other units, and have a great time.
  4. Okay, I've just checked and they have an open night soon then a week after the have a recruitment day. In that week before the recruitment day will I visit the AFCO for the test and medical ect or would that be before recruitment?
  5. It will take longer than a week to arrange the tests, medical etc.

    I would suggest you go along to their open evening and take it from there.

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