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I am currently in the process of joining but have a few questions

1. If you complete basic training and you are waiting on phase 2, what will you be doing in that time or are they quick at getting you into phase 2.

2. I am looking at joining MW and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on phase 2 training and what it intakes.

3. Last one is pay, when you sign up I understand the pay is less during training which is fine but when your passed phase 2. What sort of wage should you be expected to take home by the time you add in LSA and how long does it take to get up to the next pay grade. I know this is a hard one to answer as everyone will be different when it comes to promotion times but just so I can have a rough idea as I’m leaving a well paid job and losing more than half my wage.



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1) If you don't go straight on to Phase 2 you will be in holdover doing various jobs around the base.

2) No idea

3) your pay jumps at the 6 month point and then increases in yearly increments relative to that rate, when you go up a rate you then start again on that rates increments.

For rates of pay just google it, it's all on the web.


Thanks for the reply I have been looking at this is this roughly how much it goes up every 6 months


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If money is a key factor, you will have to look at advancing yourself as soon as possible. This can be affected by many issues, some are, navy need, your ability, your boss, right place right time and your willingness to put the graft in.


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Those levels are annual increases, not 6 monthly.

It'll go somewhere along the lines of new entrant rate of pay and then at your 6 month point you'll go to level 1, then a level up each year on the same date.

I'm not sure if you still go up a level when you finish all your training. LSA is only accrued when you go away on a detachment or deployment.